WWE Raw Preview (10/12) – Seth Rollins Bids Farewell; Murphy and Aalyah to Remain on Raw?

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One of the surprises in the WWE Draft was Seth Rollins being taken off the WWE Raw roster by being drafted to WWE Smackdown.

It’s something we probably should’ve seen coming as social media wrestling sites were pointing out that Rollins was one of two wrestlers to still be on Raw since the 2016 draft.

It may have just been historical coincidence, but it got us thinking something could be up, but he’s been the marquee heel on Raw so it seemed unlikely he’d move.


Saying goodbye

On Smackdown, Rollins had said he hated to miss the Mysterio family imploding, but was grateful he’d never see their faces again, so of course Dominik and Rey Mysterio were later drafted.

They couldn’t let the feud end where it was despite many of us hoping they would, and we think it’ll create more tension.

Since he’ll be sure to be his usual arrogant Messiah self, Rollins will claim how he tried to lead Raw to new height but no one was strong enough to follow him.

This will lead him to go on about the Mysterios and Murphy following him, taking extra care to throw barb after bard at his former disciple.

This will lead to a confrontation between him and Murphy and the Mysterios, and possibly even a match.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if he and Murphy were tagged together against Rey and Dominik just because.

It’s be nonsensical so it’d fit with the pattern of Smackdown’s draft show.

But maybe there’ll be something more to it?

Splitting away

While there’s no secret that Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio are in a Romeo and Juliet type of storyline, we’re expected that to continue with all the participants moving to Smackdown.

It’s safe to assume Murphy be the one to “injure” Rollins since Rollins has some off time coming to be with Becky Lynch and the birth of their child.

We think it’d be a fun storyline if Murphy cut ties completely with Rollins and went off on his own with Aalyah as his valet/girlfriend.

How do you think it’ll go on WWE Raw tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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