WWE Raw Preview, Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton, The Miz, John Morrison, Tucker, Otis, Jeff Hardy, Elias, “Universal Truth” (10/26) – Hell in a Cell Aftermath – Randy Orton’s Reign Begins; Elias’ “Universal Truth” Drops

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There’s some type of fallout from every pay-per-view, and WWE Raw Preview expects to see some interesting once following Hell in a Cell.

In this case, none are bigger or have the potential to cause more changes than Randy Orton’s newest reign as WWE Champion.

Reign with a twist

We expect the typical grandstanding and Orton-esc speech about how he gets what he wants and so on.

While it wouldn’t surprise us if Orton refuses to give Drew McIntyre a rematch, citing the need to move on, which it 100% true.

This feud should’ve ended already, but we have a feeling a rematch is coming for Survivor Series and McIntyre will win the championship back.

To fill in the next couple of weeks, we expect a slight change in plans as Orton will most likely turn his attention to his biggest threat — the Money in the Bank contract holder The Miz.

The Miz’s faction

One of the strangest and arguably weakest moments of HIAC was the Miz beating Otis for the MITB contract.

And the fact he did so with Tucker’s help, which means the Miz recruited Otis best friend in the vein of Bobby Heenan or Ted Dibiase, though the Miz is nowhere close to their league.

Add in how will Tucker and Otis feud while being on different brands, and this is a borderline clustermess.

But this give the Miz the opportunity and bodies between he, John Morrison, and Tucker to pose a threat to Orton.

So, we expect Orton to threaten the Miz to keep him in line and let him know Orton’s watching him.

During this time, we also expect Keith Lee to step forward as Orton’s main challenger, giving the Viper multiple threats to deal with.

Elias’ album “Universal Truth” drops

Elias’ new album dropped today, and he’ll be sure to know tonight.

Fresh off his match with Jeff Hardy, we expect him to perform another song and continue his feud with Jeff through a promo and/or attack by Jeff.

While Elias is supposed to be the heel here and he’s saying the right things, the fact that Jeff attacked him last week makes him look more like a face, but we’re probably not supposed to recognize that.

Nothing like Jeff proclaiming his innocence by swinging a guitar at Elias’ head leading to their HIAC match, right?

 Still, this should be a fun feud going forward as they’re both immensely talented.

Looks like Raw could have some fun possibilities. What are you looking forward to? Let WWE Raw Preview know in the comments below.

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