WWE Raw Results (10/26) – The Miz Accidentally Picks a Fight with Drew McIntyre

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

Tonight should be an interesting show as Randy Orton begins his 14th WWE Championship reign.

Let’s get on with the show…

The show opened with a recap of Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton’s Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship.

McIntyre then came out to the ring to the thunderous cheers brought to us by the PA system.

He started out by saying he’s been trying to think of the best words he can to describe how he feels after losing.

He said there’s no excuses, but one promise: he will be WWE champion again.

He quoted the Rocky movies about continuing to get up after being hit.

He added that most would think he should be upset at losing, but he was interrupted by the Miz coming out with John Morrison before he could really get deep into it.

The Miz said McIntyre should take a bow and asked everyone to give him an encore.

McIntyre told them to choose their next words wisely and threatened to drop them where they stood.

They said they just wanted to congratulate him, and Miz compared him being 2 time MITB champion and compared McIntyre’s run to Otis’ as the MITB winner.

The Miz said he didn’t have to worry about facing Orton anymore because the Miz is now Mr. Money in the Bank and it entitles him to a WWE Championship match anytimes and that he defeated Orton for his last title.

McIntyre told them to pay attention because this was his segment, but Miz and Morrison continued retelling the Miz’s victory over Randy Orton.

McIntyre’s had enough

He then said history could repeat itself since Orton’s a guest on A Moment of Bliss.

The Miz added that McIntyre would still be champion and be faced with the Miz currently and he’d still be without a championship.

They continued pushing McIntyre verbally, so he dropped the Miz with a headbutt.

Morrison then mocked his Scottish accent, and McIntyre dropped him with a right jab.

He then threw Morrison into the ropes and hit a pair of belly to belly suplexes, the second sending him to the floor.

McIntyre threw Morrison back into the ring, but the Miz hit a chop block on McIntyre’s injured knee from his HIAC match.

Alone in the ring, McIntyre stomped on Morrison’s glasses and said he has an idea to run by WWE management and it’ll mean bad news for Miz and Morrison.

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