WWE Smackdown Preview (10/16) – Jeffy Hardy vs. Lars Sullivan; Daniel Bryan Returns

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This is a curious match for WWE Smackdown Preview as Las Sullivan will finally meet a top tier talent in a main brand ring and it could lead to some pretty good action.

While this match has all the potential to be a showstopper, this is the one match where we expect things to go wonky interference wise.

While it’s easy to pick Lars to win this match, Jeff has nothing but heart and he can pull an upset at any time on anyone, but we expect Lars to dominate aside of a few flourishes here and there.

Our reasoning is that they’re trying to build Lars up as a monster again and we’re guessing as a future monster to torment various talent similarly like Bray Wyatt had been doing.

We don’t think he’ll get more than a whiff at most of the top title, but he’ll definitely make some noise in the mid-card ranks.

Another reason is this is where we think a returning superstar fits into the picture.

Daniel Bryan enters the fray

Daniel Bryan has been billed to make his Thunderdome debut on Smackdown and inform us of what he’s been up to and what he has planned, but we expect him to make his appearance either prior to or after Jeff and Lars’ match.

WWE Smackdown Preview thinks there’s a possibility Lars will interrupt his return and that’ll bring Jeff out to start their match.

After he wins, Lars will look to inflict more pain on Jeff, and Bryan will come out for the save.

It’d be a heroic return and fit the WWE’s formula for returning big names. This would mean future handicap matches against Lars, or tag team matches if Lars has a friend like say, King Corbin?

Lars would make perfect sense as a strongman for Corbin, especially if he promised the Freak plenty of freedom to destroy people in the ring as long as he works with him.

It’s an unlikely pairing, but one that could be interesting with Jeff and Bryan standing across the ring as underdogs for their heroes story.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Bryan will return as a heel for some odd reason and be the one controlling Lars.

We don’t think that’s likely, but his return gives WWE Creative plenty of tools to work with and it should be fun seeing where he fits into things.

What do you think will happen with Daniel Bryan’s return tonight? Let WWE Smackdown Preview know in the comments below.

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