WWE Smackdown Preview (10/23) – Roman Reigns to Announce the Consequences of I Quit Match; Murphy vs. Seth Rollins to be Signed

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Ever since he turned on Seth Rollins a couple of weeks back, WWE Smackdown Preview has been waiting for Murphy and Rollins to face off and we expect this will be it.

Plus, Roman Reigns has promised to explain what the consequences of his and Jey Uso’s I Quit match are, and we think we know what to expect.

Plenty of speculation ahead, so buckle up!

Murphy and Rollins match to be made

WWE Smackdown Preview fully expect Seth Rollins to seek to put his former disciple in his place by challenging Murphy to a match at Hell in a Cell.

In fact, we’ll be surprised if it’s not a Hell in a Cell match so Rollins can properly teach him.

As long as it doesn’t end like last year’s debacle, or the previous year’s (we expect that to be the Drew McIntyre-Randy Orton WWE Championship match) it should be pretty good.

It’ll also help build up Murphy’s character more as it’ll be his chance to officially break away from Rollins and begin their feud.

It was announced a couple of months back that Rollins will take time off during the holidays to be with Becky Lynch when she’s due to give birth, so this will help write Rollins off television in the next month or so.

Of course, we also expect Dominik and Rey Mysterio to become involved because why wouldn’t they?

To be honest, their feud with Rollins is way past done and they should strictly serve as bodies to keep Rollins from running away again while they and Murphy continue to build in their storyline.

Roman Reigns names the consequences

We’ve reached the segment the WWE has promoted as of this writing, and it’s that Reigns will announce what the consequences will be for his and Jey Uso’s I Quit Hell in a Cell match.

Reigns has promised this will be the highest stakes in WWE history, so it’s only natural to expect something grandiose.

But, also given his storyline and Jey’s refusal to acknowledge him as his Tribal Chief, we think it’s going to be less earth shattering.

To fit into the storyline, we think Reigns is going to announce that the loser will forfeit their claim to be part of the family.

Given their lineage goes back to High Chief Peter Maivia and the Rock, this would be the equivalent of a royal being booted from their family or the mafia cutting loose one of their close allies.

This will be meant to embarrass Jey and to give him a reason to back out and acknowledge Reigns’ right to sit at the head of the family, but Jey won’t do it.

He’ll want to prove he’s as good or better than Reigns, so he’ll accept.

Sounds like it could be an interesting angle to explore if they go this route.

What do you think Reigns will announce as the consequences of their match? Let WWE Smackdown Preview know your thoughts in the comments below.

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