WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – Seth Rollins defeated Murphy by pinfall

Rollins hit a Stomp for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as the match started with them circling each other before locking up and moving along the ropes before breaking.

Rollins reminded him he was the Messiah and Murphy was the disciple, and Murphy locked up with him again.

After another lockup, Rollins started lecturing him and Murphy locked in an armbar and drove Rollins to the mat.

Rollins reversed the hold, and Murphy rolled out of it and they exchanged holds before Rollins hit with a right hand.

Rollins then snapmared him over into a side headlock.

Murphy tried to throw him off the ropes, but Rollins held on and they slid to the mat.

Murphy got back to this feet and that time Rollins went off the ropes and hit Murphy with a shoulder block.

Rollins shouted at him asking when was he going to learn, and Murphy hit with a right hand, sending Rollins to the mat, then he sent Rollins out of the ring with a hurricanranna.

Murphy slipped out of the ring when Rollins ducked an expected dive, and then backdropped Rollins onto and over the announce table as we headed to commercial.

Murphy won’t give up

WWE Smackdown Result returned from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Rollins in control, but Murphy hit with an elbow, then hung Rollins up on the top rope.

Rollins hit the top rope when Murphy climbed up, and Murphy fell to the floor outside the ring.

Backstage, Aalyah Mysterio had been watching when Rey and Dominik Mysterio came up to her and asked what she was doing.

She told them she was just watching the match and Rey told her they were going.

She refused, saying she can do what she wants.

Back in the ring, Rollins hit a stomach breaker on Murphy for a near pinfall, then locked in a rear waist lock.

Murphy slammed Rollins into the corner a couple of times before Rollins reversed it and slammed Murphy into the corner.

Murphy caught his charge with a big boot, then he hit Rollins with a missile dropkick.

Murphy hit a clothesline, two reverse elbows before he sent Rollins out of the ring and mule kicked him.

Murphy then tried to hit with a senton over the top rope, but he only grazed Rollins’ shoulder, but Rollins sold it.

Back in the ring, Murphy hit a meteora  but he hurt himself. He attempted a pin but Rollins kicked out.

Murphy headed out of the ring and tried to pop his shoulder back into its socket on the barricade.

Rollins hit with a suicide dive and threw him into the ring where he hit with a knee but Murphy kicked out.

Murphy rolled to the apron, and Rollins went after him and slammed his injured arm on the ring apron.

Aalyah was concerned backstage, but Rey and Dominik looked confused as we headed to commercial.

Unexpected backup

Back once again, the two of them are on the riop rope, and Murphy tried a sunset flip powerbomb, but his arm gave out.

Murphy hit with a kick, then pulled Rollins off the top rope but he dropped Rollins.

Rollins hit with a buckle bomb, and Murphy hit him with a knee for a near pinfall.

Guess the buckle bomb isn’t outlawed anymore or maybe Rollins is going to get into trouble with Vince McMahon?

Rollins hit Murphy with a reverse elbow, and started smacking Murphy while calling him a piece of crap.

He reminded Murphy he’s the Messiah as he hit with a right, and Murphy struck back with his own.

They continued exchanging right before Murphy hit a series of strikes that Rollins stopped with a step up kick.

Murphy tried a small package, but Rollins kicked out.

Rollins then hit a Falcon Arrow for a near pinfall.

WWE Smackdown Results probably said this already, but this is the match of the night. Murphy and Rollins are in main event form.

Rollins told Murphy was going to learn one way or another, and went for a Stomp, but Murphy rolled him up but Rollins countered.

They exchanged blows before Rollins pulled Murphy down by his injured shoulder and hit the Stomp for the win.

With the match over, Rollins grabbed a kendo stick to give his lesson while backstage, Aalyah begged Rey and Dominik to go help Murphy.

Rey said they were going to stay out of it, and she countered that if they wouldn’t help then she would and Aalyah headed to the ring.

Rollins entered the ring with his kendo stick ans stalked Murphy while telling Murphy that no one has his back. Rollins spotted Aalyah coming out alone.

He asked where was her backup and started to hit Murphy when she climbed into the ring to shield Murphy.

Rollins retreated when Dominik came into the ring, then attacked Dominik from behind and started to stomp him.

Rey came out with a chair and Rollins ran out of the ring.

Unfortunately, this is where out satellite had some technical difficulties and froze due to some rain, so we’re unsure of what happened next.

When the reception returned, Rey and Dominik argued while Aalyah consoled Murphy.

WWE Smackdown Results think this was the match of the night by far even if the Mysterio-Rollins feud is beyond old.

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