WWE Smackdown Results (10/23) – The Usos Put One Over Reigns; Consequence is Named

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Paul Heyman answered the door and said that Roman Reigns will be ready to speak when he says he’s ready to speak, as WWE Smackdown Results have noticed is his new norm.

Can’t help but wonder when everyone there will pick up on it?

Reigns later headed to the ring with Heyman at his side as we wait to head what the consequences of Reigns and Jey Uso’s I quit match are.

Once in the ring, Reigns held up the Universal Championship and the piped in boos grew louder as expected.

Before he could get going, Jey Uso appeared on the titantron sitting in Reigns’ dressing room backstage.

Jey had on a hat and bandana like he was trying to hide something as he went on about how Reigns changed.

He said Reigns has his head so far up his a— that he’s lost his connection to himself and his family.

A huge ego? Really? Sounds like a typical heel to WWE Smackdown Results.

Double trouble

Anyway, with Reigns about to explode, Jey removed his hat and bandanna and said, “Don’t ask me. Ask my brother, Jey.”

It took Reigns a second to realize he’d been had (what set of twins hasn’t done this at some point), he turned in time for Jey to nail him.

After a few strikes, Jey grabbed a chair, but Reigns caught him with a big boot.

Reigns then went for the chair, but Jey hit with a superkick and then hit with an Uso Splash off he top rope.

Jey sidestepped Reigns’ charge, and Reigns hit his shoulder on the ring post.

Jey then slipped out of the ring, celebrating as he made his way to the ramp.

Once Jey is at the top of the ramp, Reigns got a mic and asked if they thought that was funny.

Reigns said that if he quits at HIAC, he’s not the Universal Champion, the face of WWE, the head of the table or the Tribal Chief.

He added that he won’t be the provider of the family’s bloodline and that he can live with that, but can Jey live with it?

Reigns then asked if he makes Jey quit, will Jey fall into line and accept Reigns as his Tribal Chief?

He pointed out that if Jey can’t then he, Jimmy, and their entire families are out of the Anoa’I family; that the family will turn their back on them like a mafia family in the movies.

The HIAC cage lowered to the cover the ring with Reigns standing in it, and he Usos headed down to confront him.

Jey climbed the cage and stared down at Reigns as the show ended in a similar fashion to Raw where McIntyre entered the cage and threatened Orton.

Not a bad ending, but did they have to mimic the other show? At least this time is was pretty cool.

Over all, WWE Smackdown Results thought it was a decent show, though the MITB storyline really killed it for us.

We loved seeing the legends, but it looks like the MITB is on the same level as the 24/7 Championship anymore.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results.

We had a blast and look forward to see you all next time.

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