Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory Look To Be NXT’s Triple H & Randy Orton

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At NXT Takeover: WarGames, Johnny Gargano once again got help to become NXT North American Champion. Two times, a figure wearing a ghostface mask would take out Damien Priest during title matches, and it was revealed to be Austin Theory. Now officially an ally of Johnny Gargano in ‘The Way’, he’s the protege of Gargano. This partnership goes deep, and is drawing some comparisons to the past of WWE.

The Way Could Be NXT’s Evolution

During an interview on the Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast, Johnny Gargano would speak about his partnership with Gargano, and how his new faction could be the next Evolution in WWE.

“Theory was pictured to be with me. I wrestled him a few times in EVOLVE. I think NXT views it as the Triple H and Randy Orton-esque relationship, which I agreed with,” he said. “I thought Theory has tons of potential obviously. He was always in the mix to be one of those guys with me. Indi as well. Me and Candice both think very highly of Indi and think she has a very bright future. So we were very happy to have her with us as well.

We likened it to Evolution in a sense. Obviously, we’re not putting ourselves on that pedestal because they are an iconic stable for many reasons. Just the idea of being able to be in the ring and mold younger talent for the future. We think that is very important. Indi being able to be around us. Austin being able to be around us. It can bring out different elements of their characters and different things the people haven’t seen on screen yet.”

Johnny Gargano Is NXT For Life, And Theory Will Be Part Of This

After dodging several call ups to Smackdown & RAW, it became clear Gargano is remaining in NXT forever if possible. He works a fairly hard style, but doesn’t wrestle that often in NXT. Despite that, he’s not getting any younger, but has a chance to mold Austin Theory into that next star. Theory was shot to the moon with WWE earlier this year, but wasn’t quite ready yet.

Comparisons between Gargano & Triple H are shaky at best, but Theory has been compared to Randy Orton ever since his time in Evolve as champion. They have a chance to be as dominant as Orton & Triple H, and a breakup feud of The Way could be what makes Theory a star.

Do you think Gargano & Theory can become the NXT answer to Triple H & Randy Orton? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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