Is Shawn Spears Leaving AEW Or Joining FTR? 

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Shawn Spears has been a weird part of AEW. As he started off with a massive push. With him debuting with a match against Cody Rhodes. He lost that match then got a manager of Tully Blanchard and then really just been on AEW Dark ever since.

His biggest feud was against Scorpio Sky. That was a bad feud but it felt like it was going to something a lot bigger for the Perfect 10 superstar. This, at the moment, hasn’t really happened except for a recent promo looking like he was angry that nothing has happened.

With him throwing his loaded glove away and saying he doesn’t need it. This was a good promo then though he disappeared from the roster page what was the surprising thing. It got us thinking could Shawn Spears be on his way out of a disappointing year in AEW. 

Leaving doesn’t seem likely 

It doesn’t seem likely that Shawn Spears will leave AEW due to the next bigger thing is WWE. It looks very unlikely that Shawn Spears would go back there. With a lot of other places a kind of step down from AEW.

A place where Shawn Spears could go would be Impact Wrestling. If he did go to Impact, he would probably be a champion there within a year. This isn’t how AEW works as they have long time booking.

Meaning that this could be another way of long term storytelling in a wrestler not in the main event. The biggest change in Shawn Spears gimmick is Tully Blanchard and it feels like that hasn’t been fully utilised. 

The start of the Horsemen of AEW faction

This could be the first step into faction territory here as FTR manager is Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears. The two coming together seems like an obvious choice but at the moment has not happened. This quick change in character in recent weeks seems like the first step into the 3 Horsemen at least forming under the management of Tully Blanchard.

With the faction in AEW forming more through the first year. It feels like some more will form this year in time for the triple tag championship. There is a problem with maybe too many heel factions with FTW, Bullet Club reunion and Inner Circle all being heel.

The Dark Order will most likely go face. AEW might need to bring some more good guys together to make more factions in the near future. They do have the roster for it at the moment.

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