WWE Raw Results (1/25) – Sheamus Defeated John Morrison w/The Miz by Pinfall

Sheamus hit a White Noise for the win

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WWE Raw Results tuned in as Sheamus forced Morrison into the ropes after they locked up, and Morrison tried to use his speed for a rear waist lock.

Sheamus flipped him around and attempted an arm lock that Morrison countered into a headlock.

Sheamus caught Morrison’s knee strike and dropped Morrison for a near pinfall and locked in a front face lock, and then went into an armbar.

Sheamus flipped Morrison over and used a leg scissors that Morrison slipped out of and threw Sheamus off the ropes.

Sheamus hit a shoulder block and Morrison ducked a clothesline and went for a rollup that Sheamus kicked out of and sent him into the ropes.

Morrison came off the ropes and Sheamus ducked a kick and rolled Morrison up for a pin attempt, and then locked in a reverse chin lock.

Morrison managed to back Sheamus into the corner to break the hold, and he then his Sheamus with a series of rights and kicks.

Morrison caught Sheamus with a kick off the ropes, and Sheamus responded with a back drop and then an uppercut.

Sheamus slapped on another armbar, but Morrison managed to reverse it and hit a couple of kicks and fought through Sheamus’ guard to land a handful of kicks.

Sheamus threw him into a corner and hit a splash, then hammered him down before hitting an Irish Curse backbreaker for a near pinfall.

Dead heat

Sheamus headed to the top rope, but Morrison caught him with a dropkick to Sheamus’ knee. Morrison hit with a knee to knock Sheamus through the ropes and wrapped Sheamus’ left leg in the ropes.

Morrison followed that with a kick to the back of his leg and then he threw Sheamus into the ring where he hit a dragon screw and went for a pin attempt.

Morrison slapped on a leg lock, then spun around to nail Sheamus with a couple of rights before locking in a leg lock again.

Sheamus nailed Morrison with a couple of rights to break the hold, but Morrison hit his leg with an elbow and locked in a shin lock.

Sheamus hit with a series of elbows and legs to Morrison’s head to break the hold, then hit an ax handled.

Sheamus followed it with a clothesline in the corner and threw Morrison across the ring before going for a White Noise.

Morison slipped out and hit a chop block and leaped off the ropes but Sheamus caught him and spiked him with one arm for a near pinfall.

Sheamus stomped Morrison’s midsection and then locked in a cloverleaf but Morrison got to the ropes to break the hold.

Morrison then hung Sheamus up on the rope, but Sheamus hit with a knee and White Noise for the win.

This was an awesome match and the Sheamus and Morrison match we’ve been waiting for.

Of course, after that the Miz challenged him to a 2 on 1 handicap match. These gimmick matches have run their course. What do you think? Let WWE Raw Results know in the comments below.

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