WWE Smackdown Results (1/15) – Ding Dong Hello Featuring Bianca Belair

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Pearce made his way through the hallways when he was approached by Heyman. He asked if Reigns signed the contract and Heyman told him that Reigns didn’t sign it.

He said Reigns agreed with Pearce’s concern about the stipulation, and then went into his sales pitch to make it a last man standing.

Pearce told him to get on with it, and Heyman told him the new stipulation.

Pearce asked what’s wrong with them.

Heyman told him to take his time because he can address any concerns he has with Reigns in the ring when he signs it later tonight and said he considers it handled.

Mysterio’s mystery partner

Backstage, Dominik struggled to understand why Rey backed down from Corbin, and Rey said he’s not backing down but they need a plan.

He listed what Corbin has accomplished, and then said he knows who they have to talk to to take care of Corbin.

Ding Dong, Hello featuring Bianca Belair

This has potential and at least Bayley should make it work.

When Belair reached the ring, Bayley motioned for her to come through the door in the ring and instructed her to ring the doorbell.

Bayley welcomed her and told her it must be an honor to be on her show as Belair took her comfy seat, leaving her with a bench.

Bayley congratulated her on the WWE Chronicle and she’s sure there will be so many Bianca Belair believers after it premiers.

Bayley then had a highlight reel play from when she beat Belair about a month ago.

Bayley then asked why she calls herself the EST of WWE, then cut her off for listing her accomplishment prior to her time in the WWE and insulting those that came before her.

Belair said she’s not bragging, just being unapologetically her.

Bayley said if she is the best, then how did Bayley beat her previously?

Belair challenged her to a match, but Bayley dismissed it since she already won and offered an obstacle course for next week.

Belair laughed at her and thanked her as she accepted the challenge and promised that there’s no way Bayley cam beat her.

This wasn’t a bad segment, but it feels like they have plenty of work to do on it yet whether it’s the exchanges or something else.

Despite her antagonizing Belair, Bayley came off more of a face than heel to WWE Smackdown Results. What do you think?

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