WWE Raw Preview (2/22) – Elimination Chamber Aftermath – New Champion, New Direction

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This has been ten years in the making and shows that hard work pays off, and that’s really what WWE Raw Preview thinks this is.

The Miz has been a loyal and dedicated worker for years and he was rewarded.

The problem is, he’s credited by many fans as nearly destroying the WWE Championship when he last held it.

He puts in the effort, but he doesn’t feel like a champion. It doesn’t help he’s often more entertaining on his Miz and Mrs television show than in the WWE. There’s simply a disconnect.

Still, we’re happy for him and hope this time his championship run works out for him as, in our unpopular opinion, he does deserve another chance.

It’s just hard to ignore his jobber work just a couple of months ago.

But since doing business with the Hurt Business, he’s come out as a godfather type of figure with the various storylines of him being able to pull strings backstage.

New Direction

It’s put him on part with Roman Reigns in many ways, and with his wife, Maryse, rumored to be returning soon, the storyline is set for a new power couple to take over.

Like Riddle, there’s reason to believe that this will be a temporary run. But we think he’s going to be modeled after Reigns with connections to protect himself as we mentioned above.

At least, the god awful MITB storyline is done with. It couldn’t have been more broken and nonsensical than this year and they really should retire the gimmick for a while.

Anyway, one thing’s for sure is he’s going to have Drew McIntyre coming for him, though we expect McIntyre and Lashley to have a serious feud before that happens.

Lashley and McIntyre’s championship feud was cut short, and this will be a great way to rekindle it.

Another possibility is Sheamus will expect a championship shot, but he’s been just above a glorified jobber since his return as well, so it’s hard to say what kind of threat the WWE views him as.

Especially since we lost out on his and McIntyre going head to head for the title at WrestleMania, unless one of them takes it off of Miz before too long.

The top championship used to mean they were the face of the company and would either make or break the promotion. Now, the WWE is the brand and not the champion.

Think of it like a famous TV show without its main star.

Will this change help take things in a new direction? We’ll have to wait and see. Let WWE Raw Preview know what you think in the comments below.

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