WWE Star Lana Pays Homage To Those Who Helped Her Rise To Stardom

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WWE star, Lana has opened up on who helped her become the superstar thats he today.

Lana Pays Homage To Those Who Helped Her Rise To Stardom

During an interview with Talksport, Lana revealed how Fit Finlay had been instrumental in her title shot aspirations. She said: “Gosh, I don’t know what I would do without Fit, to be honest. He’s so brilliant. I’ll never forget – and we were able to show this on Total Divas.

“But in 2017, I was training and training, going down to NXT on my off days, not having any off days, training with Fit on my off days and training with Fit at live events and then I was told that I wasn’t ready.I was told that I was going to have this title shot, then I’d be paired with Tamina.

“So I’d keep wrestling live events, but it was going to be with Tamina. They told me, ‘you’re just not athletic.’ I’ll never forget that [laughs]. This is like May 2017. I was like ‘OK’, and of course, I come out of the room and bawling [crying], and I run to Fit. Fit looked at me, and he goes, ‘don’t stop.”

Lana then spoke on the critical moment in which Fit came to the fore: “He goes, it’s your choice. If you want to stop, then that’s your choice. But don’t stop because they’re telling you something. We’re going to go out there and continue to prove them wrong. If you want to quit, no worries. If you don’t, keep on going.”

Aside from Fit, there was another superstar that she praised in her development. And that was none other than Becky Lynch. Lana spoke on how she would offer words of advice and text her to keep her motivated. She added: “Becky has helped me a lot. That would be someone that probably people don’t know about because of characters, storylines etc.

“But man, I have learned so much from Becky! And now, I get texts from her saying, ‘I’m so proud of you.’ She texts me every single week. I’m so thankful for that because when this whole pandemic started, I remember being so discouraged, and I remember her telling me, ‘you’re so strong. You’re such a strong woman.”

It is good to see Lana staying humble, and long may that continue. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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