Konnan Has Huge Health Problems, Doctors Told The Wrestler ‘Your Heart Is Going To Stop’

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Konnan has opened up on the major health issues he had gone through during a period in which he tested positive for covid and was hospitalised.

Konnan: Doctors Told The Wrestler ‘Your Heart Is Going To Stop’

Things got so serious that fans wondered whether Konnan would ever return to the ring. When speaking on the Keepin it 100 podcast, Konnan revealed how he could not believe his health was in great danger. He said: “I was in the hospital. I woke up. There’s six doctors in front of me, a nephrologist, a cardiologist, an infectious disease doctor, and they are very, very mad at me because I’m not taking my pills.

“I’m being very rude. I’m not listening to instructions. I didn’t want to believe it was as bad as they were telling me. I didn’t want to hear bad news. The bad news means I can’t work and I can’t make money, as if that’s everything in life, which it isn’t.”

And things began to get even more severe, given that the doctors confirmed Konnan’s life could be at risk. At one point, there was a strong chance that his heart may have stopped beating. He added: “They’re talking to me. One guy said, ‘Well, Mr Ashenoff, since you don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, I’m going to put it to you in black and white.

“There’s a very good chance, and when I mean a very good chance, over 60%, that your heart is going to stop. What would you like us to do with that heart?” On another day, things may not have turned out so well. But Konnan is a fighter in and outside the ring, which must be credited. Not many people could fight back and even contemplate a return to the ring.

But he signed off the interview by stating that it was the worst moment of his life: “From a scale of 0 to 100, I felt like -1000. Bro, I was looking at death dude. It’s not a script. When you’re looking at death. Right now, I feel like a 70, and it took me a long time to get here a long time. It was very, very, very scary, and I have no problems telling you I cried.”

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