WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor vs. Curt Stallion

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Mansoor & Curt Stallion have had some success as a tag team as of late, but tonight they find themselves on opposite sides of the ring. Curt Stallion was the latest challenger for the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, while Mansoor remains undefeated in WWE, a 40-0 record.

They’d bicker about potential team names, not being able to choose between Curtsoor and ManStallion. This led to an argument where Stallion pointed out that 40-0 is impressive, but none of them were against Stallion. Could Stallion be the one to finally end this winning streak?

Curt Stallion Shows Some Innovation

After a handshake, this one would start up with a lockup. They’d be evenly matched, but Stallion took Mansoor down with a headlock. Mansoor would be able to free himself, and grab a hammerlock on Stallion, who slipped out and applied another headlock. Stallion was made to run the ropes before Mansoor tripped him up and went for a roll up, getting two.

Stallion wouldn’t be tripped up a second time, rolling past Mansoor while grabbing the waist and hitting a quick deadlift German Suplex. A snap suplex into a big kneedrop got another nearfall, but Mansoor came back with a lariat. This started an exchange of strikes, but Stallion can give as good as he gets. Mansoor knows this, and was able to slow the pace down instantly with some mat wrestling.

Stallion would roll out of a hold and hit a double stomp to the face. He’d nail the rolling elbow before catching Mansoor with a neckbreaker style Air Raid Crash. Stallion charged across the ring with a forearm to Mansoor in the corner, tripping the leg and setting up that Shibata style hesitation dropkick. The feet were stomped, and Mansoor was hit with a DDT into the bottom turnbuckle for a two count.

Mansoor Moves To 41-0

Mansoor was rocked up kicked out once again, but Stallion rolled through to set up another neckbreaker. Stallion was countered and Mansoor wanted a piledriver, but instead had to opt for a twisting tiger driver. Mansoor was rocked with a desperate headbutt, but had the sense to roll outside.

Stallion dove over the top rope and took Mansoor out, before sending him in and diving onto him with a Frog Splash. Mansoor got the knees up, before going up top and taking too much time. Stallion was able to grab Mansoor and hit another headbutt, before hitting the reverse spanish fly! Mansoor got a toe on the rope, breaking the pin up! He’d dodge the running headbutt, and hit a slingshot neckbreaker for the win!

With them finally mentioning the winning streak of Mansoor so clearly, will he finally get a chance to become the NXT Cruiserweight Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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