WWE Speculation – AEW Wins Wednesday Night Wars – NXT Moving to Tuesdays

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There’s plenty of rumors circulating on the internet and they’re looking more plausible as NBC moves things around, including the possibility of NXT moving to Tuesdays.

With NBC Sports Network shutting down, there’s going to be some shuffling of programming on NBC networks, and that could bring an end to the Wednesday Night Wars.

One of the mainstays on NBCSN is the NHL on NBCSN that airs every Wednesday. Hockey on Wednesdays goes back to the 90s when it was on ESPN and we’d see a rivalry game every week.

As reported on thecombatrepublic.com, on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said:

“The NXT contract ends with the television, it ends in October. The NHL, if they re-sign with NBC would start a regular season would start in October, is that when it would normally start unlike this year when it was all freaked up. Yeah, usually around October.”

Bryan Alvarez also reported on it, and it looks like something’s going to shift.

As of now, the rumored date for any move to take effect is April 13, but things can certainly change as all of this is speculation.

NXT on the move

If this is true and things unfold like they’re rumored to, NXT will be looking for a new home.

They may stay on USA but shift to either Tuesday or Thursday or return exclusively to the WWE Network.

We agree with others that Tuesday nights is the probable choice since they shifted there a few times in 2020 to make room for the NBA playoffs.

They reportedly scored roughly 800k viewers on Tuesdays and they’ll go against Impact Wrestling on the AXS TV, plus it’ll drain away another competitor’s viewership like with AEW.

If they move to Thursdays they’ll face off with the NFL during the football season and that simply wouldn’t be a good idea. Even with flagging ratings the NFL still scored double digit ratings regularly.

Returning exclusively to the WWE Network would be the easiest way, but it’d also be admitting defeat and that’s something Vince McMahon wouldn’t like, so another deal will most likely be struck.

Whether any or all of this will happen is still up in the air, but it appears that with NXT moving to Tuesdays AEW won the Wednesday Night Wars.

Though to be fair, they already did by winning the ratings all but a handful or so of weeks.

A move to Tuesdays will be good for wrestling fans as we’ll still get to see the same amount of wrestling we’ve grown accustomed to without having to join a streaming service.

Where do you think NXT could go? Let us know in the comments below.

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