WWE Star Charlotte Flair Reveals The Crazy Pressure Of Living Up To Ric Flair

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Charlotte Flair has revealed the increasing pressure that she has been under as a result of being associated with her father, Ric Flair.

Charlotte Flair Reveals The Pressure Of Living Up To Ric Flair

In an interview with Notsam Wrestling podcast, Charlotte spoke on how there is added pressure carrying the Flair name. She said: “They don’t understand where I’m coming from. They don’t understand the pressure I put on myself. They don’t understand what it’s like to be Ric’s kid. They don’t understand what it encompasses.

“I also want to say that nobody puts more pressure on me than I do. I don’t need anyone else to criticize me. I criticize myself enough.” She then revealed how her character sometimes might not resonate with the fans, given that they simply see her as Ric’s daughter. Such a statement could not be further from the truth, but it does occupy Charlotte’s mind.

She continued: “I actually felt like I was already past that where people go, ‘Well she’s past just being Ric’s kid’, because of everything I’ve accomplished, but apparently, it was a different twist. I tried to explain this to my dad. Even on live events and telling him how relevant he is.”

This may explain why Charlotte has not been too receptive to Ric’s storyline with Lacey Evans. Although quite a few fans may agree with the story, Lacey’s pregnancy did throw a spanner into the works with any solution, ultimately, leading to some fans feeling aggrieved.

Charlotte stated: “It’s definitely not where I thought my 2021 was going to be, but I’ve got a lot of positive feedback about Monday’s promo segment. Where it goes, I don’t know. Obviously, there’s going to be a different direction now because my stepmom can’t wrestle me (she laughs). I thought him and Lacey worked well together.”

Nevertheless, she did not have any hard feelings as she understood that something had to be done: “I understood it. I got it. I think my biggest struggle was, well, I’m the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game. Why can’t I be the dirtiest player in the game?”

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