WWE Star Natalya Is Leading The Way To Find The Next Female Stars

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Natalya has revealed how she is looking to inspire the next generation of women to take the bull by the horns and become leaders in their own right.

Natalya Is Leading The Way To Find The Next Female Stars

In an interview with Talksport, Natalya spoke on how she felt it was her duty to pass on her skills. She said: “Every woman should aspire to inspire somebody. I can’t imagine being a world-renowned, life-changing doctor and not wanting to pass on my skills that could save someone’s life.

“I’m confident enough in my own work and ability, especially in the ring, that I have more than enough knowledge to pass it on and still be able to bring everything I need to bring to the table.

By the sounds of it, she is very serious. Natalya already allows budding wrestlers to join her training sessions, and she does not look like stopping. Who could argue against that as Natalya is one of the most technically gifted wrestlers in women’s wrestling?

She added: “TJ [her husband] and I have our own ring. It’s about 15 minutes from our house, and we call it the dungeon. We, of course, trained in the original dungeon, but we call this ring the dungeon because it’s our version of it. A lot of the women from WWE, the ones that want to grow, evolve and get better, they’ve come and trained with us.”

And it seems the hard work is already paying off in the form of Liv Morgan. She has been working closely with Natalya and has, by the sounds of it, left an ever-lasting impression. In this way, Natalya is passing the torch just as her uncles had done when she became a wrestler.

She continued: “I watched Liv in our wrestling practice – TJ and myself, we were watching here – and people don’t realise it because she looks very young, but she actually has a lot of leadership qualities about her that I’m impressed with.”

It is great to see Natalya giving back to the sport which has been so good to her. As for Liv, time will tell whether she can live up to her potential.

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