Impact Wrestling Preview (4/8) – Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards

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This is a match Impact Wrestling Preview has been waiting to see happen for some time as it pits two factions against each other.

Of course, there’s are other storylines that go beyond the attack by Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers last week.

With AEW Dynamite over for the week, we’re curious if we’ll see the Young Bucks pop in to help Omega and company tonight or if it’ll be the standard foursome with Don Callis rounding it out.

Another first

This match will mark the first time Omega steps foot into ring competition during an Impact Wrestling weekly show, and it should be a great match.

Granted, Impact Wrestling reportedly records their shows up to four weeks previously, but that doesn’t mean they always do as injuries and other twists force newer or even occasional live shows.

Despite that, seeing the Good Brothers and Omega in a three man tag match for the second night should be fun since they’re facing completely different opponents.

What’ll make this really fun is seeing how Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, and Rich Swann’s styles mix with Omega, Anderson, and Gallows’.

We think it’ll be pretty smooth and we won’t have to worry about Mack and Edwards turning on Swann.

Of course, we’d love to see the Impact team win against the Bullet Club at some point, and evening the score going into Rebellion.

Especially given Swann and Omega will be facing each other in a title for title, champion vs. champion match.

Impact Wrestling Preview thinks this match will give us an idea on how Rebellion’s main event will go.

We think if Swann’s team wins tonight then he’s lose at Rebellion as it’ll add some spice to the match. If his team loses, well, then he’ll probably defeat Kenny Omega.

Is this how it’ll work or will they throw us a swerve? The only way to find out is to buckle up and watch.

Everyone’s a champion on paper and this is why they play the game, right?

Who’s going win

This is a loaded question as we’d love for Swann’s team to balance the scales, but we have a feeling the Yong Bucks may become involved and the Good Brothers and Omega are a handful on their own.

Okay, we’re picking…. Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, and Willie Mack for the reason Impact Wrestling needs a win and this will help amp up the intensity heading into Rebellion.

Who’s your pick? Let us know your choice and why in the comments below and join us for Impact Wrestling Live Results tonight to find out how right or wrong we are.

See you all then!

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