Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – Jazz Says Goodbye, Goes Out a Winner by Defeating Fire ‘N Flava by Pinfall via a Powerslam by Jazz

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Jazz came out with Jordynne Grace, and it took her a second to get started with her speech.

She said she came to Impact hoping she’d have one more title run, but it didn’t happen at Hardcore Justice.

She knew Purrazzo would give her a run for her money, but she felt she had one more run. She felt the fire she had 15 years ago, but she now knows that Purrazzo is the present and the future of women’s wrestling.

Jazz then turned to Grace and said when Grace called her she knew they’d win and they did get some victories, but they didn’t win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

She thanked her for calling her to give her that chance, and Jazz thanked her and Impact Wrestling for welcoming her with open arms.

She never had the chance to work with Impact, but these last few months she went out with a bang.

Jazz then wanted to talk about her plans for tonight when Fire N’ Flava came out.

With a bang

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz came out and mocked Jazz, with Hogan saying it’s about time since she couldn’t beat them or Purrazzo.

Steelz said it’s about time Jazz heads to the retirement home with the rest.

Grace told them there’s a reason they weren’t invited tonight because they talk too much. She told them to shut up for once in their lives, and told them to say what they’re going to say in the ring.

Steelz said they would, but they don’t have time for that.

Hogan said they have to focus on their titles when a referee came out and said they have a since Jazz hasn’t retired yet.

Jazz and Grace attacked both of them and once the match started, Grave threw Steelz into a corner and hit a splash and Vader Bomb for a near pinfall before Hogan broke it up.

Jaz tagged in and hit Steelz with a couple of forearms in the back, and then hammered Hogan with a series of lefts and rights when she tagged in.

Jazz ducked her kick and hit a powerslam for the win.

This was a great send off for Jazz.

With the match over, Jazz called it disrespectful. Then she said it’s time that she fully says this is it and she announced her retirement.

She thanked all the fans for our love and continuous support. The locker room came out to applaud her and her career.

This was a great moment and the memories she gave all of us are priceless.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you, Jazz.

Jazz has an idea

Hogan and Steelz were in a shouting match with D’Amore backstage and he called them disrespectful and told them to put the titles on the line against Grace and Jazz.

Steelz said they’ll defend their titles against any team he wants to put them against.

Jazz and Grace came up to him and Jazz said she’d love to take the titles but she’s a woman of her word and she’s done, but that doesn’t mean Grace can’t be in the match and she’s got the right person.

D’Amore thanked her for what she’s done and he knows she’ll have the perfect choice.

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