Kyle O’Reilly Speaks About New NXT Character, What Made Undisputed Era Work

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At NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver, the two night takeover ended with a brutal 40 minute unsanctioned war between Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly. In the end, O’Reilly did what he needed to put Cole & The Undisputed Era behind him. Now, for the first time in his NXT career (aside from a one off match with Aleister Black), he can truly let loose and be himself.

We got to see what this meant this past Tuesday on NXT, where he would really show a more casual side of his personality in an opening promo to NXT. However, we’d really get to hear what he thought about this new change when he got a video on the excellent WWE PC YouTube channel.

Having The Creative Control To Be The Real Kyle O’Reilly

With their videos often feeling like mini documentaries, the WWE PC YouTube channel really lets anyone on the roster flesh their characters out. Even a top name like Kyle O’Reilly needs that chance sometimes, and he took it.

“It’s been awesome to have a lot of trust in the sense of giving me a voice to make these suggestions. To have a say in the music and the look and the overall presentation. And that, I just appreciate so much, to know that powers that be trust my input. I know that if I put my heart and soul and mind into something that I’m proud of, then it’s gonna help everybody involved. And it’s gonna translate a lot better and seem a lot more genuine.”

This new, free, genuine Kyle O’Reilly did draw comparisons to AEW’s Orange Cassidy from others due to him wearing a denim jacket and sunglasses. However, aside from the look, the characters aren’t really alike. Later in a match with Cameron Grimes, he didn’t change his style in the ring, still using his hybrid grappling style to get the win.

What Made Undisputed Era Work?

While Undisputed Era is now dead and gone, it’s impact will live on in NXT. There was something real with this faction, as O’Reilly explains.

“I think that’s when you get guys who are the most believable, because it is real to them, it is genuine. And that’s why I think the Undisputed ERA worked so well. Because it was a genuine bond in brotherhood. We were all really close friends that came up in this business together. And that’s why the Undisputed ERA didn’t come across as fabricated or dis-ingenuine, it was a real thing.”

It’d be hard to see much of Undisputed Era coming back after the issues between Cole & O’Reilly, and with Strong quitting NXT for the moment. Fish & O’Reilly will likely be back if he’s not retired, but for now, that faction is done.

Do you like the new Kyle O’Reilly? Will we ever see an Undisputed Era reunion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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