UFC Commentator Michael Bisping Brutally TRASHES “F***ng Cockroach” Joshua Fabia In Nasty Tirade!

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Michael Bisping doesn’t just have an opinion on “guru” Joshua Fabia. Judging by his recent tirade against Diego Sanchez’s former trainer, Bisping is actively disgusted by the man, describing him as a “cockroach” in need of “terminating”.

In case you missed it, the business relationship between Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia has been nothing short of bizarre. Fabia presented himself as an innocent victim, supporting his friend and partner Sanchez, and Sanchez publicly defended Fabia in the media.

“F**ing cockroach” – Bisping SLAMS Joshua Fabia in brutal tirade

Sanchez went as far to claim their lives were in danger for speaking out against the UFC. Fabia and Sanchez claimed that the UFC was controlled by a “Wizard of Oz” that would murder him for “exposing” the UFC. 

That’s all in the past now. Sanchez recently severed his business relationship with Fabia, who was captured on video beating the living daylights out of an Diego Sanchez while he was upside down. Since then, Fabia has, true to form, taken to besmirching his former partner’s character, a move that has invoked the ire of former Middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

“Joshua Fabia can go f*ck himself”, declared Bisping, before going on to clarify his feelings: “He’s come out and he’s talking bad about his character, he’s saying he has substance abuse issues, he’s saying that he’s broke, he’s making out that he’s a bad father, this guy really, really went off the deep end. It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s just shocking.”

Never once to mince words, the Englishman detailed his opinion of the predatory relationship between Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez. Fabia’s behaviour isolated Sanchez from his family as well as the rest of the UFC:

“What this guy did to Diego’s career and to end up losing him his job and then for him now to come out and talk all this sh*t when Diego was so loyal to him and had his back and even cut off members of his own family and lost his place in the UFC that he had for a long time.”

However, as the dust clears and it appears that Fabia is firmly in Sanchez’s (and the UFC’s) rear view mirror, Bisping channeled Tony Montana in labelling Joshua Fabia a “ f**ing little cockroach”:

“No one cares about Joshua Fabia. He doesn’t have a position in the UFC. He hasn’t fought. He hasn’t earned anybody’s respect. Joshua Fabia is a con artist. He’s a f*cking little cockroach. He’s a little sh*t that needs terminating.”

Hopefully this is the end of the Fabia/Sanchez saga, and the UFC can move forward. What do you think about Fabia’s behaviour? Is there a secret cabal of UFC murderers or was it yet another paranoid delusion from a man who desperately needed help? Can Sanchez’s career recover from this? Let us know in the comments.

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