WWE NXT Results: Cameron Grimes Squashes Asher Hale With The Cave-In

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Making his NXT debut is Asher Hale, but he might not have a chance of going to the moon like Cameron Grimes has lately with Doge Coin on the rise! He’s hot off a big main event match with Kyle O’Reilly. After being shown up by The Million Dollar Man last week while watch shopping, Grimes has some anger to take out.

It might not be the best night for someone like Hale to make their debut against Grimes, but anything can happen in NXT. Just see Toni Storm losing to Zoey Stark and Zayda Ramier for proof of this! Hale was formerly known as Anthony Henry, former EVOLVE tag team champion with JD Drake. He’s got the skills, but does he have what it takes to win?

Cameron Grimes Makes Quick Work Of Asher Hale In His Debut Match

Grimes would pick up and dump Hale, before going for the leg. Hale was able to get a headlock, before showing some speed and catching Grimes with a low dropkick. Some heavy kicks to the left leg of Grimes would punish him, before Hale was wiped out with a big lariat. A roundhouse kick and some stomps in the corner would down Hale, and he’d take a leg kick from Grimes before being taken down with an uppercut.

Hale caught Grimes kick near the ropes, and hit a Double Leg Dragon Screw. Grimes countered a tornado DDT into a flapjack slam, before Hale went up top and hit a diving dropkick to the face. Hale was unable to get the three count, and Grimes hit the swinging side slam. Grimes would nail the Cave-In, and this one was over.

A simple squash match for Cameron Grimes, but Asher Hale was very impressive. He wasn’t able to get the best of Grimes tonight, but who knows what the future holds for the man formerly known as Anthony Henry. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

After the match, Grimes was met by Ever-Rise who wanted to party with Grimes. Sadly he’s only got room in the VIP room for he, himself, and Grimes! Will Asher Hale become a star in WWE NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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