Authors Of Pain Retired From Professional Wrestling

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With every set of WWE releases, names from previous sets fall by the wayside. It’s been quite some time since the promising tag team of The Authors Of Pain were both released from WWE in 2020, and neither Akam or Rezar were seen in the ring since. What has become of this duo?

AEW Didn’t Think They Were A Good Fit, NJPW Couldn’t Bring Them In

When they were first released, there were two places they could have easily fit in. The first was All Elite Wrestling, who had a growing tag team division with very few more heavyweight inclined tag teams. However, AEW management didn’t feel they were a good fit at the time. This might have stemmed from an injury suffered by Anthony Bowens in NXT at the hands of this duo, and that QT Marshall was supposed to be in that match before backing out.

Another company that could have made good use of them was New Japan Pro Wrestling. A set of hard hitting hosses would have been a welcome addition to their heavyweight tag tag team division, which has mainly consisted of two teams and some faction based tandems for the past year. However, due to the pandemic it would have been hard to get them into Japan on a frequent basis, so once again they simply weren’t a good fit.

Authors Of Pain Have Since Retired From Professional Wrestling

After not being picked up by a major company or having the indies to work, both Rezar & Akam hung up their boots, as one promoter heard when they got around to reaching out. This makes sense, as they clearly weren’t having much luck with making a living in professional wrestling after their release. Being cooled off majorly in WWE due to injuries before being released didn’t help their case.

It has been reported that both men have since picked up normal jobs, pointing out that Akam runs a supplement store and Rezar started up a meal prep service. There is always a life after wrestling, but it’s a shame to have never seen this duo hit their full potential. Do you think we could ever see a return of The Authors of Pain to the ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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