Andrade El Idolo Doesn’t Rule Out Future WWE Return, Wants To Become WWE Champion Someday

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Recently, Andrade El Idolo has been making waves in the world of professional wrestling. He’s lined up to challenge Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship next month at Triplemania, and has entered All Elite Wrestling and is set to feud with Death Triangle. On top of this, he’s fired shots at the former ROH World Champion RUSH, and is set for a controversial encounter with a former WWE Champion with Alberto El Patron. However, despite everything going his way right now following a letdown of a run in WWE, he’s keen to return someday and become WWE Champion himself.

Andrade Had Planned To Return To WWE

During a media call from back before he signed with AEW, Andrade stayed optimistic about having a future in WWE. He wants to claim the WWE Championship, and cited the path of Drew McIntyre as an example. McIntyre was in a very similar spot before leaving WWE, being mainly used as an undercard talent. He left, proved himself in companies like ICW & Evolve before going back to WWE as a bigger star.

Andrade could be well on the path to doing exactly this, with him seemingly working everywhere to try and prove himself as a star. However, his path wouldn’t be the same as that of McIntyre, as he’s stated he doesn’t want to return to NXT, where McIntyre got his restart in WWE.

Will Working In AEW Change These Plans?

However, this information is from a media call from back in March. Since then, Andrade has of course signed a contract with AEW. Many people who have worked with both companies praised the amount of extra freedom they would find in working with AEW. He’s already been showcased as a star, and could very well climb to the top of the card in the company.

Andrade could be just using his time in AEW to boost his stock ahead of an eventual WWE return. His fiancee Charlotte Flair has remained in WWE, and is unlikely to leave anytime soon. That alone could give him reason to return, but who knows what the future holds.

Could you see Andrade eventually returning to WWE to become WWE Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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