Impact Wrestling Preview (7/8) – The Road to Slammiversary Continues with Impact Championship Contract Signing Between Sami Callihan and Kenny Omega

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This is going to be a fun show as we’re just over a week away from Slammiversary and Impact Wrestling Preview is set for plenty of build up to come.

BTI (Before The Impact) – Steve Macklin vs. Suicide

As usual, the action’s going to get started on Before The Impact as Steve Macklin will look to continue his dominance over Suicide.

Suicide will be his toughest challenge yet and his skillset will give Macklin fits, but in the end Macklin’s too physical and aggressive as he can switch to more aggressive gears as the match wears on.

This is going to be a great one, but we don’t think it’ll last too long before Macklin takes the win.

Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

Brian Myers has been imbuing his wisdom to one of Impact Wrestling’s new rising stars, Sam Beale, and part of that has been blaming his lose to Jake Something on Jake for being unprofessional and to do the opposite of what Jake does.

Jake has been growing more fired up each week and it’s led to Jake taking on his best role of proving himself and he’ll face Myers tonight.

We think this is going to be a good match, and the stipulation that the loser must verbally acknowledge the winner as a professional leaves so much room for possibilities to come.

Because of that, we think Jake will win but Myers will refuse to follow the stipulation. This will infuriate Jake and help continue their feud into Slammiversary for a climactic ending to their feud.

Susan and Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary and Havok

With the Knockouts Tag Team Championship dangling on the Slammiversary horizon, these teams are going to face off to earn a chance to challenge Fire ‘N Flava.

This should be a good match, especially is Susan and Kimber can rebound from their lessons from Deonna Purrazzo and try to prove themselves worthy.

Havok and Rosemary aren’t going to make it easy, and we think they’ll dominate this match.

Susan and Kimber will put up a valiant effort, but Havok and Rosemary are too intent on their destination to be sidetracked.

Slammiversay Impact Championship Contract Signing – Sami Callihan and Kenny Omega

This is going to be one of those moments where it feels so obvious that Callihan will try something and Kenny Omega will be on his guard with the Good Brothers and Don Callis on hand.

It’d be wise of Callihan to have someone there to help him, but we don’t think he will. In fact, we think he’s going to play it cool to unnerve Omega and make him jumpy.

This isn’t to say something won’t happen, and we expect it to be Moose as he’ll either come down and create some awesome mayhem, or he’ll pick his moment to take out Omega when they’re going after Callihan.

We have a feeling this will lead to Chris Sabin coming down for payback on Moose, and things will only escalate from there.

What do you think will happen with the contract signing, and which segment are you looking forward to seeing? Let Impact Wrestling Preview know in the comments below.

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