Karrion Kross Set For Call Up, Will He Vacate WWE NXT Championship?

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Ever since he met Finn Balor one on one at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver, we’ve been able to see the true vision of Karrion Kross as NXT Champion. His first reign was cut short by a horribly timed shoulder injury, and now his second might be cut short due to a call up to Monday Night RAW. What will become of the NXT Championship now?

Could Karrion Kross Become The First Champion To Vacate The Championship Twice?

Last week on WWE NXT, Karrion Kross made his third defense of the NXT Championship when he faced Johnny Gargano. It was a closely fought match, and Gargano nearly had him at a few key points but Kross would prevail in the end. This match had an extra bit of spice as Samoa Joe was the special guest referee.

For those not keeping up with NXT, Samoa Joe returned to the brand a few weeks back. NXT GM William Regal was losing control of the brand and considered stepping down, and Joe would step in to help him regain that control. He’s not allowed to wrestle just yet, and can only get physical when provoked. Kross did that and more, when he choked Joe out following the match.

This means that Kross not only choked out an acting official, but also the enforcer of the general manager. That is something which will generally come with heavy repercussions. If a call up is the plan, they very well might just strip him of the championship and boot him from the brand as punishment. This would make Kross the only NXT Champion to vacate the belt twice.

Will Kross Have Scarlett As He Goes To Monday Night RAW?

Regardless of how they get him from NXT, reports indicate that the brand he’s going to is Monday Night RAW, not Smackdown Live. There is another unknown element in if his manager Scarlett will be along for the ride. During most of his dark matches in the Thunderdome as well as his match on Main Event, Scarlett was missing from his corner.

NXT has a history of calling up wrestlers without their associated females, such as Enzo & Cass coming up without Carmella as well as Sanity without Nikki Cross. This generally allows them to flesh out their own characters, giving them a stronger overall career in the end. With Kross, he’s fine on his own but Scarlett does help to add interest to him as a total package.

How do you think WWE will take the NXT Championship from Karrion Kross? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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