Cody Defends TNT Championship In Open Challenge | AEW Dynamite Preview (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

Another episode of AEW Dynamite is on tap for this evening! Once more, Cody Rhodes will be defending the TNT Championship in an open challenge and this time around we don’t know who the opponent will be going into the show! You can expect the same coverage of tonight’s show as always and since I’m getting to it early enough this go ’round, that includes previews of all the biggest matches! Let’s get to it!

TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Mystery Opponent

This TNT Championship series was announced as a weekly open challenge and that has very much been the makeup. But so far we’ve always known a week in advance who Cody will be defending the title against. While they were ambiguous coming off of last week’s Dynamite, I actually did kind of expect them to give us a name before Dynamite came. We do see the occasional “X in action” kind of billings that basically advertise squash matches. But actual mystery opponents in AEW are rare and depending on how you quantify it, has maybe never really happened at all.

Chris Jericho had two mystery partners set for the Trios match that headlined the first episode of Dynamite, but the night before it was confirmed that they were Santana and Ortiz, Proud-N-Powerful. So really it wasn’t a mystery by the time the show started. Hangman Page had a mystery partner in a tag main event several months ago where he actually wanted to go it alone but ultimately Dustin Rhodes became his partner and this too was made fairly clear before the match actually happened.

This time around though it feels like they’re going with an actual mystery as in we won’t know who it is until they make their entrance. One thing that is clear is that this will set the tone for potential outsiders to accept this challenge, this opponent will not be someone in AEW’s roster and it’s likely they’re making their first ever appearance for the company. They’ve only stated that it will be an indy star from Texas and that Arn Anderson himself scouted him out. That’s not a ton to go on and sadly I don’t know enough about the Texas scene to make a ton of guesses. I am glad that the promise that the open challenge extends beyond AEW’s roster holds true though and I’d like to see where it leads us… Cody to retain, of course.

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