What Is Next For The Bullet Club Reunion?

On night one of the New Year Smash, we saw the reunion of Kenny Omega’s era of Bullet Club. With Kenny Omega tweeting that they are only getting started.

With them teasing that they will take part in next week’s night two of the New Year event. It has been confirmed that we will see the Elite appear. There is no confirmation thought of the Good Brothers being a part of the next event.

With the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega being part of the Impact wrestling PPV Hard To Kill. We have no clue what will happen after that even coming up on the 16th of January. Let’s hope that it does go past that PPV. At the moment, we don’t know but we can speculate. 


The response from the current running Bullet Club hasn’t been the best. With Tama Tonga being very vocal of his unhappiness of them acting like they were the only Bullet Club.

With him tweeting: The #Betrayal is reeeeaaaaal after what happens after the reunion. We don’t know if this is a work or a shoot. With a lot of teases to a NJPW wrestler coming to AEW at some point. What if it is a Bullet Club vs. Bullet Club angle? Now with Jay White even saying he’s leaving NJPW at this time.

It feels like this could be to do with this. As if he does leave Bullet Club won’t have a leader. There is also Kenta, who wants a match with Jon Moxley and he is in the NJPW Bullet Club. This could be where this angle is leading a Bullet Club Vs. Bullet Club. It could be a massive great way for NJPW to get a foot into the American market. 

Dark Order Vs. Bullet Club Reunion?

We aren’t sure what is going to happen after the sad death of the Legend, Brodie Lee. To make his legacy seem better it would make sense for them to turn face and become a cult of positivity. They could then become the dominant face faction that could go up against the dominant heel faction; the Bullet Club Reunion.

In maybe a Blood and Guts PPV that was meant to take place before the Pandemic hit. The fact that Hangman will also join the Dark Order is likely. Kenny Omega and Hangman could start a strong feud when they are both in the strongest factions in the company. `

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