AEW Dynamite Results: Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade vs. Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fenix

Leave it to Eddie Kingston to request a match against three of his biggest rivals for the same night. With The Butcher & The Blade at his side like usual, Kingston will charge into battle against Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, and Rey Fenix, in what should be an insane six man tag team match. Archer recently finished up with Kingston, Moxley beat him in two title matches, and Fenix was mentally and physically abused by Kingston. Kingston isn’t the smartest player in the game, but he’s always eager for a fight.

Jon Moxley Fits Into Any Trio Of Badasses

As soon as everyone hit the ring, this one broke down into a fight. Fenix went after Blade, Moxley after Kingston, and Archer after Butcher. Butcher & The Blade were able to isolate Moxley, and finally get him into the ring to hit the sidewalk slam & leg drop combo. Moxley was isolated early on, and Blade hit a snug powerslam, but being hit with a neckbreaker soon after.

Archer tagged in, and immediately started to throw his weight around. Blade punched him in the head, Archer just threw him across the ring and hit the running back elbows and a belly to belly suplex. Archer went Old School with the rope walk, getting some help with Butcher from Fenix before hitting the axe handle.

Throughout the picture in picture break, Blade was isolated. Moxley hit a PK and snap suplex, Fenix a diving knee strike, and Archer just hit clubbing blows. Coming back, Archer got distracted by a sudden urge to attack Eddie Kingston, allowing Butcher & Blade to take him down.

Butcher & Archer brawled it out in the corner, while Kingston had the leg of Archer trapped to help Butcher. Archer was getting mauled, and needed a tag, Kingston hitting headbutts to keep Archer at bay.

Eddie Kingston Got His Fight

Archer would finally get a chance to tag out after catching both Butcher & Kingston with a double crossbody. Fenix got in, and nailed Butcher in the face before getting Kingston with an arm drag, and rolling into the ring for a cutter. A huge frog splash got a two count, before Kingston caught him with an exploder.

Archer kicked Kingston away, Butcher hit the crossbody, Moxley the German Suplex, and Blade was dropped with a dropkick. Everyone was down, but no one was out. Moxley & Kingston became legal, and they went right into a massive brawl like expected. Kingston was outnumbered, as Fenix hit a spin kick, Archer the pounce, and Moxley applied the bulldog choke.

Blade saved Kingston from passing out, before Archer chokeslammed Fenix into Butcher & The Blade, before he threw himself off the apron onto all three men. Kingston hit a backfist, but Moxley nailed a lariat and the Paradigm Shift to end this match.

Kenny Omega hit the ring with Good Brothers, and beat Moxley down. He would make the challenge for an Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch at Revolution, and Moxley agreed. Who will leave Revolution as AEW World Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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