Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results (4/25) – Tag Team Championship – FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) (c) Defeated The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) by Pinfall to Retain the Impact Tag Titles

This is going to be a fun one and Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results are looking forward to seeing FinJuice in action again.

Doc Gallows was channeling his inner Jesse “The Body” Ventura as he entered the ring. We love how he gives homages like that to wrestlers of yesteryear.

Anderson started it off against Finlay, and they locked up and jockeyed for postion along the ropes.

They shoved each other after breaking, and Finlay locked in a wrist lock and tagged in Juice Robinson.

Finlay body slammed Anderson, and Robinson slammed Finlay on him for a pin attempt.

Robinson hit a reverse suplex, then tagged In Finlay and he hit Anderson’s arm, then a jumping elbow for a pin attempt.

Anderson shoved Finlay into their corner and Gallows Tagged in and nailed hi with a couple of rights, but Finlay avoided his charge in the corner and they worked on Gallows’ arm.

Gallows grabbed both, but they hit with a kick and a double face plant for a pin attempt.

Gallows nailed Finlay with a couple of rights, and Anderson came in and hammered on Finlay but ran into a boot.

To the wire

Finlay knocked Gallows off the apron, and Anderson threw him to the floor where Gallows hit Finlay with a pump kick while the ref was occupied.

Gallows tagged in and threw Finlay into the ring, then then hammered against with body blows. Gallows then hit a boot off the ropes.

Gallows followed it with a headbutt, and then a kick for a pin attempt. Gallows then locked in a rear chin lock and ground it in.

Finlay tried to get to his feet, but Gallows raked Finlay’s face, and snapmared him over and hit some hammering elbows before locking in a rear chin lock again.

Finley fought out of the hold with some rights, but Gallows stopped him with a knee and threw him into a corner.

Finlay hit an elbow and a double boot, then a elbow off the ropes to buy some times.

Anderson came in, but Finlay ducked a tagged in Robinson.

Robinson ran over bother the Good Brothers and dropped an axhandle on Gallows form the apron before he hit Anderson with an inverted atomic drop and hit a clothesline in the corner.

Robinson hit a cannonball for a near pinfall.

Pulled it out

Finlay came in and knocked Gallows off the apron, and hit Anderson with a running knee while Robinson held him for a near pinfall.

They alternated splashed on Anderson, before they hit Demolition’s finisher but Gallows made the save.

Robinson and Finlay clotheslined Gallows over the top rope, and they went for the Doomsday Device, but Gallows knocked Finlay off the top ropes

Anderson hit a neckbreaker on Robinson, and they hit the Magic Killer type of move for a near pinfall.

They followed it with the Magic Killer attempt, but Finlay knocked Anderson out of the ring and Robinson rolled Gallows up in a small package for the win.

This was a surprise for Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results, but FinJuice put on a great match and deserve it.

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