Impact Wrestling Rebranding as TNA and Knockouts Getting their own Show?

Impact Wrestling rebranding is a fun debate among fans not quite at the level of who’s better between AEW and WWE.

It’s a fun argument between the company’s fans as they go back and forth, with many claiming they won’t watch until it’s called TNA again as well as the thought the promotion was better as TNA.

As arguments go, there are pros and cons to both sides as everyone has a point and is welcome to their opinion.

Rebranding on the horizon?

It also looks like Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore has weighed in on it as well.

“As we come out of this pandemic environment and get back out there, certainly that’s a possibility. It’s a possibility that the TNA brand could return. I think it’s one of the things many – and certainly not at the top of the list – but one of the things that the pandemic has robbed us of is that opportunity to see a return of TNA. We have so many unbelievable Knockouts. Maybe we’ll end up continuing to grow the Knockouts division and give them their own separate platform.”

This will be welcome to news to many fans, and it’s a potential idea that could become reality next year to celebrate the company’s twenty year anniversary.

It makes sense they didn’t do it yet due to the lockdowns as it’s something fans should be present for the first show back, and it looks like they may have been the plan when Moose “found” the TNA championship belt.

And now that the TNA and Impact title belts are unified, it gives them plenty of opportunities to make it work down the line.

Possible Knockouts show

This is one we’re fully behind Scott D’Amore on as we’ve been championing the WWE giving their women’s division their own brand.

And with Impact Wrestling having arguably the best women’s division in professional wrestling, this would be must see television.

It’d be a great chance for the Knockouts to show what they can do separate from the men in a more focuses program with more storylines and matches to give us more awesome action.

This last year has taught us that things change whether we want them to or not, so why not plan ahead and get ready to rock in a new era?

Do you think Impact Wrestling rebranding to TNA and the Knockouts getting their own show are good things? Let us know below.

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