AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (11/6/2019) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (11/6/2019) | All Elite Wrestling

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here for some recaption! We got AEW Dynamite on tap for tonight, the go-home show for Full Gear! Watch this space!

We come in with a fantastic announcement. AEW World Tag title tournament semi-finalists Private Party and Dark Order will be squaring off in a Bronze Medal match, where the winners will face SCU and the Lucha Bros in a three-way tag title match at AEW Full Gear!

As usual, it takes us very little time to get to our opening contest, and this should be fun!

PAC vs. Trent?

Big chant for “Best Friends” as we start, wrist lock exchange. PAC flips with the ropes out of it, hip toss, Trent with a headscissor, PAC kips up out of it and just stares him down. “PAC you suck” chant starts as PAC bails to stare down Orange Cassidy?! Trent chases him back in, back elbow gets him off a charge! Trent gets him into the corner, big chops. PAC with a shoulder thrust from the apron, springs in, but Trent catches him into a Northern Lights Suplex for 2! PAC bails, Trent pursues, PAC throws him into the barricade. Pulls him to his feet for another, hard one. PAC takes him up, rams his head into the apron. Hoists him up onto his shoulders, tosses him on top of the barricade, hair whip sends him right onto the steel ramp! PAC back inside, wants a count out but sees Trent getting up and gets an amazing corkscrew tope in, lands on his feet after wiping him out!

Throws Trent into the ring, chant of “Let’s go, Trent” as PAC goes up top, missile dropkick for a 1 count! Side headlock on the mat. Trent fights up, but cut off, power whipped to the corner, rebounding right into a Bridging German Suplex for a nearfall! Knee drop, chin lock. Trent tries to fight out, eats an elbow, takes him to the corner, charges into a back body drop that sends him to the apron, uppercut knocks him to the floor! PAC wants to hit the ropes for another dive but Orange Cassidy appears in the ring to cut him off for a big pop! Chuck distracts the ref as the VICIOUS LEG KICKS COMMENCE! But before he can go for the superkick, PAC with a big boot takes the sunglasses right off of him!

As this sends Cassidy out of the ring, in comes an enraged, red-faced Trent! Huge lariato! PAC rolls out of the ring, eats a tope con hilo! Trent tosses PAC into the barrier hard as he can now, getting him back for earlier! PAC reverses a whip to send Trent into the barricade, but he guts through it and comes right back for a big spear anyway! Throws him into the ring as the crowd chants their name, huge Shining Wizard to the back of the head for a nearfall! Trent and PAC staring down now as the latter rises, Trent ducks a clothesline and hits a big one of his own! Springing Tornado DDT spikes PAC, very close nearfall!

PAC rolls out of the ring, Trent follows, PAC with a swift brainbuster on the floor! PAC throws him into the ring, up top now! Black Arrow nailed! Trent barely gets the shoulder up?! Even commentary was tricked, PAC locks in the Brutalizer instead and we get the submission!

Winner: PAC

PAC gets on the mic right after, furiously calling out Hangman Page. Says he heard his naughty swear word. This Saturday, he’ll make an example out of him. Again!

Finish seemed a bit messed up, but a great match otherwise.

Cody’s announcement is up next! In the inset during commercial we see him making a trek backstage.

We have a slightly truncated version of Cody’s usual dramatic entrance. Tony Schiavone is in the ring once more to try and interview him, let’s see if things work out for him this time. Tony puts over Charlotte, NC as the birth place of Cody, the American Nightmare. Says he knows he has an announcement that is weighing heavy on him. Cody says he’s not surprised by the arrival of the Inner Circle, taking a scalpel to the Elite. But it’s a short victory lap because they were already looking for them, for a card to match up with himself, with the Bucks, with Hangman and even his brother. Crowd erupts into an “AEW” chant.

Cody brings up that this Saturday he finds himself on the marquee with AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. Says Tony (Khan) and himself have talked about it and he knows the announcement. Cody cites Eddie Graham, Cowboy Bill Watts and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes – mammoth pop and chant of “Dusty”. Says all of them were titans in our business, best bell-to-bell and best in the box office and for those who saw them with their eyes it was special, it was positive. But there’s also an air of controversy around them because they were also… management. Cody talks about how proud of AEW he is, calls it Ellis Island for professional wrestlers, freedom! Yet another deafening reaction. So when he hears the same criticism for being management and being in a title match, he can’t not hear it… and with that said. “You Deserve It” chant as he says that if he doesn’t defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Damn!

Boos for this, Cody says Jericho has taken to calling his lot entitled millineals. Notes that in Jericho’s book, he failed to note his own hard upbringing, talking about how hard it must’ve been to come up as the son of a famous hockey player, says they had the same silverspoon and calls him a dick. Cody calls him a carny succubus who needs this generation more than it needs him and he surrounded himself with impressionable youth. Cody gets emotional as he talks about how this is about his dad, mom, his wife, how it took him over ten years to go from undesirable to undeniable. Thunderous ovation. Cody says the ground should be rumbling beneath his feet because the Elite are coming and when the Elite come, it will be the match beyond and they will eat them alive!

Man, still kinda recovering from that promo, but we now see Lucha Bros and SCU coming out, separately of course in street clothes. They have gold and silver medals around their necks, looks like. Bronze Medal match is up next and they’ll be watching. There’s notably a 15-minute time limit, very easily reachable. Will they go for a four-way?

Scorpio and Frankie are on English comm, Lucha Bros. on Spanish comm, kinda cool.

Bronze Medal: The Dark Order vs. Private Party

Uno wrestling with a top on today looks like and it’s kind of hilarious how much more like a star he looks with it. Stu starts off but quickly sends Quen into the corner, quick tags and isolation starting already. Quen gets whipped into Grayson’s boot. Reversal of whips, Kassidy tags in, screeches with the enziguri! Pop-up double foot stomp, pop and chant for “Private Party”. Grayson tries for a shot from behind after going in and out, Kassidy ducks, screeches but gets planted by a uranage! Tag to Uno, backbreaker, grinds him against the bottom rope. Tag back to Grayson, double whip, Kassidy flips out, dropkick to Uno! Tries to get to Quen but Grayson hooks him. Throws him into the boot of Uno, spear in the corner! Throws Kassidy to the apron, Uno with a leg trip as the ref deals with Quen. Grayson gets his springing hilo on the apron! Commercial break.

We come back to see Uno get a back rake in on Kassidy, heat segment in progress. Kassidy charges, wants a tag, Uno with a suplex, Kassidy fights it, reverses with a suplex of his own! Simultag, Quen rushes in only to get cut right off by Grayson! Sidewalk slam. Tag to Uno, they want the Fatality but Quen escapes, dropkicks Uno into the corner to knock Grayson to the apron, dropkicks him to the floor, flipping double foot stomp takes Uno down, he bails, flip tope takes out both! Throws Grayson in the ring, spinning heel kick. Back body drop sends Quen to the apron, only for him to springboard into a big crossbody for 2! Tag to Kassidy, Grayson ducks a double clotheslines, hits a double Pele Kick! Tag to Uno, hoists him up onto his shoulders, gets a neckbreaker that’s like a One Winged Angel Ushigoroshi, nearfall! Tags to Quen and Grayson, Backstabber into Overhead Belly To Belly sends Quen crashing into his partner! Cannonball and 450 hit in stereo, very close nearfall!

Grayson wants a powerbomb, rana counter sends them into one another! Tag to Kassidy, who continues being bad at hot tags as he just gets cutoff again. Silly String gets Uno though! Tag back to Quen, Gin and Juice on Grayson! And that is that!

Winners: Private Party

That was great, and this title match at Full Gear is gonna absolutely rock. I’ll say it every week, I love this tag division.

Afterwards, SCU, Lucha Bros and Private Party all share the same ring, anticipation builds!

They say they’ve received a video from Inner Circle.

We see Sammy Guevara offer Jericho some bubbly choices, his voice fades and eventually Chris says ‘sure’, goes up to give him a kiss. It’s a parody of the video from a few weeks ago. Sammy talks about him being the face of the company. Soultrain Jones talks about knowing him since he was 12. Santana and Ortiz chide Cody. Chris’s Aunt’s Friend Patricia hopes Cody can survive. Sammy talks about Chris being in his prime at 48, the youngest AEW Champion in history. Jake Hager is silent. This video is incredible. Jericho mirrors Cody’s closing statement saying Cody has all these meetings at Full Gear and all he has to do is drink a little bit of the bubbly. There’s a lot of responsibilities but he can take it, because he’s Le Champion. Beautiful.

Emi Sakura & Jamie Hayter vs. Riho & Shanna

Riho and Emi start! Emi just throws her around as the crowd chants for “Riho”. Commentary brings up that Emi trained Riho. Leg sweeps and trips, Riho bridges out of a cover! But Emi grabs for the hair, forces into a corner and chops her. Hairmare! Won’t let go of that hair, throwing her around with it. Mocking her with faux-crying. Riho starts to roll towards her corner, Jamie Hayter in to kick her to cut her off. Emi charges, Riho with a Rolling Liger Kick of sorts, tag to Shanna! Shanna with a big uppercut, arm drags. Takes her to the corner, running uppercut, snapmare, running kick to the face for a 1 count.

Shanna with a kick to the gut, hits the ropes, flipping neckbreaker for 2! Tag to Riho. Double whip,simul kick to the gut, double team bulldog! Shanna wheelbarrows Riho into a splash, cover for 2! Riho wants a Northern Lights, Emi rakes the back to break. Chops her, charges, drop toe hold takes her into the second rope! Riho with a 619, but Emi blocks it, turns it into a Double Underhook Backbreaker! Tag to Hayter, comes in with big snap suplexes, showing off her power! Stomps her down as we go to commercial, match continues in the inset. Isolating Riho in the corner now, Emi tags in, shoots her to the ropes, big dropkick. Romero Special into the Surfboard! And again and again, Riho getting stretched brutally before being tossed away. Tag to Hayter, hooks Riho in a Camel Clutch! Fish hooks in, aaaaaaand here’s the wet willy.

Stomps her, gets her into a mean chinlock. Riho tries to fight to the ropes but gets pulled back to the center. Elbows raining down. Wicked body slams! Vicious chinlock returns. Hayter seems like a really good signing, kinda came out of nowhere last week but she is real good. Riho fights out as we come back, hits the ropes, spinning headscissors! But Sakura rushes in to cut her off from a tag, Riho lands out of the back of a back suplex, rolls her through for a big double footstomp! Tag to Shanna! Shanna with vicious chops on Hayter in the corner, firing up! Charging forearms! One last one in the middle gets a nearfall!

Hayter gets her into a sleeper only to eat a Jawbreaker! Shanna hits the ropes, Uranage Backbreaker counter! Tag to Emi, whips her into the corner, big crossbody! The “We Will Rock You” clap is less effective now, it took a while but Emi eventually got the crowd to accept her as a heel here. Shanna wants a tag but Hayter rips Riho off the apron! Shanna hits the ropes, spinning headscissors takes Sakura to the outside! Shanna gets the crowd behind her, goes up top, crossbody to the floor wipes out Hayter and Sakura! Shanna gets Sakura into the ring, “This Is Awesome” chant. Angel’s Wings! Nearfall. Shanna with a full nelson, Sakura powers out, Shanna wants to turn it into a suplex instead, Sakura counters into an Inverted Neckbreaker!

Tag to Hayter, big uppercuts in the corner. Emi whips Hayter into Shanna in the corner, big running knee for a nearfall. Michinoku Driver for another nearfall! Shanna dodges a lariat, Shanna wants a sit-out DDT, Hayter reverses and just tosses her away. Lariat against the second rope, Hayter hits the ropes and nails a big clothesline! Riho has to break up the pin, Hayter tosses her out of the ring. Tag to Sakura! Emi hooks Shanna, Butterfly Backbreaker! Vader Bomb, Riho off the top with a double foot stomp to the back to break it up! Shanna makes the tag, Riho in for a Meteora, Emi ducks it, roll-up for a nearfall! La Magistral from Riho, another narrow nearfall! Swift sequence leads to Emi getting a La Magistral of her own and she gets the three!

Winners: Emi Sakura & Jamie Hayter

Figured Emi would get the win but didn’t think she’d pin Riho. Lot of momentum going into Full Gear now!

Video of Brandi Rhodes in a yet more gothic vignette. Brandi derides people for criticizing her for her marriage. Says she knows dreams and she knows nightmares, but there’s nothing like a night terror. We see hilarious stills of Awesome Kong making a crazy face flash up as she speaks She has no authority, doesn’t run the women’s division, never wanted or needed it. All she needed was a lapse in judgement. Says who are the bullies now?

As Spears comes out for the next match we see a video of the attack on Janela on AEW Dark.

Brandon Cutler vs. Shawn Spears

Wristlock sequence starts, big chants of “Cody”, Spears transitions into a Hammerlock Clothesline. Shows him the ten. Cutler ducks a clothesline, gets some shots in the corner, reverses a whip, Cutler springs above him, shows him the ten as well! Back body drop takes him to the apron, WWE Headkick, in with a headscissors taking him to the apron, springing legdrop to the back of Spears’ head! Cutler waits in the ring, then pursues, Spears clips him, throws him into the barrier! And another big toss! Big running knee to the face against the barricade!

Pulls him into the ring, vicious knife edge chop! Cutler with some roundhouse kicks to try and get back into it, Spears ducks one but eats the Dragon Whip! Cutler up top, hops above him off a charge, but Spears nails a big boot! Hoists him up, running Death Valley Driver and that’s the match.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Swift, decent, fairly easy win for Spears. Afterwards, Tully slides That Chair into the ring! Spears wants another DVD, but Joey Janela rushes out to make the save, big ovation and chant of “Joey”! Spears bails, Joey threatening him with the chair! Yelling, incensed, he wants a fight.

During the commercial, we see Jericho and Sammy backstage together. Hangman walking backstage, Kenny taping up the wrists.

We come back to a vignette. Moxley’s promo from last week, with responses from Kenny who tells him not to act angry that this is a hardcore match. “What were you gonna do, chain wrestle me?” We see some old CZW footage of Moxley as well. We hear Kenny’s thank you to Moxley for motivating him, Mox also says he’s at his best when he’s at his worst. So he tries to find an opposite who will bring the worst out of him. Kenny’s glad we’re going to that dark place. Can’t wait to see him there.

Omega with a big pop of course. Sammy Guevara always surprises me with how much heat he’s got. We also see him pull out a phone as he’s on his way out and film himself, which pops up on the tron Tyler Breeze-style. Jericho has Hager backing him up.

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Kenny and Sammy start, Kenny wants Jericho, Guevara tags out. Jericho teases the lock up, then of course tags right back out to Sammy. Lock-up, Sammy with a waistlock trip. Kenny fights to his feet, caught in a chancery. Omega with a wristlock counter, drop toe hold takedown, chancery of his own. Sammy reverses into a wristlock, arm drag for a 1 count. Leap frog, Kenny gets a chop! And a nasty second one! Smack to the back, whips him from the corner, flying back elbow into a back suplex, tag to Hangman!

“Cowboy Sh*t” chant is immediate, Kenny gets his leaping Bulldog, Page with the Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count! Chop, knee to the face. Hooks him, Sammy escapes out of the back of a vertical suplex, leap frog but Hangman catches him on his shoulders! Sammy slips out, kick caught, leg thrown away, Hangman hoists him up, walks around with him, Fallaway Slam with a bridge for a nearfall! Wants a suplex, Sammy knees his way out, tag to Jericho. Charging clothesline ducked, Hangman with a big boot! Mean chop, whips him to the corner, eats a back elbow off a charge. Jericho with a missile dropkick off the second rope, mounted punches! Poses for big jeers. Vertical suplex, tag to Sammy who just comes in for a pin, 2 count. Sammy hooks him, poses, reversal into a vertical suplex!

Sammy knocks Kenny away, tags Jericho. Chop, Hangman with a big clothesline! Simultaneous tags, Omega is a house of fire, knocks Jericho off the apron, discus meets a kick to the gut, Sammy hits the ropes, Discus Elbow! And now some ruthless chops to the chest of Sammy Guevara! You Can’t Escape combo nailed for a nearfall! Omega takes him up, wants a Dragon Suplex, Guevara elbows out of it, Omega ducks a shot, wants a German, Guevara flips onto his feet, enziguri! Charges Omega into the corner, goes to the apron, WWE Headkick, springboard met with a mid-air dropkick from Omega! This sends Sammy rolling to the floor, Terminator clap starts but Jericho runs in to cut it off! Eats a rana though, taking him to the outside! Jericho hits both ropes, but Hager hops up to nail him in the back of the head! Guevara with a dropkick, springs up and poses as we go to our last commercial, match continuing in the inset!

Heat segment continues, isolating Omega. Double team axe handle off the top from Guevara, cover for 2. Jericho tags in as we come back from commercial, shoots Omega to the ropes, back elbow. He’s stuck in enemy territory, Jericho distracts the ref as Sammy chokes Kenny with a tag rope. Kenny fights out, flips over Jericho, tag to Page! Page with a flurry of chops, gets whipped, big boot takes Guevara to the floor! Fallaway Slam to Jericho, kip-up, tope to Guevara! Back in, huge lariat to Jericho! Page wants the Deadeye, Jericho rolls out of it, looks for the Liontamer, Page flips him out of it! Guevara rushes in for a double axe handle, Omega in, back elbow, back body drop sends him way out of the ring, Hager makes a wild catch of him! Omega with a dive taking out both! Page with a triangle moonsault! Back on the apron, Jericho distracts the ref as PAC comes out, gets a low blow on Page. Takes out Kenny as well, as Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Page for the win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Page is being pummeled in the ring until Cody hits the ring! Dustin Uppercut takes out Sammy Guevara as the others bail! Hager and Jericho walk up the ramp, until MJF comes out with a chair! Shot to the back of Hager, shot to the gut of Jericho, throws him into the ring, Crossrhodes to Jericho! Cody picks up the AEW World Championship and hoists it up! But as he does, Jon Moxley comes out of the crowd with a barbed wire baseball bat!

Kenny stands in the ring to meet him. As Mox and Kenny staredown, Jericho slips onto the apron to grab Cody! The fight persists, Kenny slips out… to grab the Barbed Wire Broom! The stand-off is real! “AEW” chant… Santana and Ortiz runs out and take out Omega and Moxley! Until the Young Bucks rush out, double superkick! Santana and Ortiz roll out, double suicide dive! “AEW” chant starts up again as the teams fight up the ramp! Santana and Ortiz now want the double powerbomb off the stage, Omega makes the save! Big V-Trigger to one, Mox with the Paradigm Shift to another! They then turn and start brawling!

Everybody fighting at the stage now, and Nick Jackson with a big leap off the entrance staging onto everyone! Chant of “Holy Sh*t” as the Inner Circle retreat towards the ring… and just when it looks like we’re fading out, the fight kicks up again, it’s a wild one! Finally we go off the air, mid-carnage!

Just one big wild go-home brawl for Full Gear, fun stuff!

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