AEW Dynamite Preview (11/13/2019)


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AEW Dynamite Preview (11/13/2019)

Heya, Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here and we are soon to see another episode of AEW Dynamite! There’s a lot to unpack following Full Gear this past weekend. We’ll see the fallout here tonight! Here is a quick preview of what you can expect to see.

Jon Moxley speaks

They like promoting when Mox is going to cut a promo and for pretty good reason. After putting on the most violent match in mainstream wrestling in atleast the past 20 years – and perhaps the most violent ever, depending on your definition of ‘mainstream’ – at AEW Full Gear, Moxley has emerged victorious in his first battle with Kenny Omega. However, as he’s well aware, it will not count against his win/loss record due to being an Unsanctioned match, something he’s been quite furious about these past couple of weeks.

There’s always intrigue in seeing where Mox goes next. Does he continue pushing for a sanctioned rematch so as to get an official victory over his rival? Or does he move on and demand a title match anyway? I imagine he’d have plenty of support if he called for it…

Hangman Page vs. PAC – Rubber Match

I figured this was over at Full Gear when Page finally got his decisive victory over his nemesis. But he quickly made clear that he was not satisfied. PAC and Page are now 1-1 in AEW, though Page does hold a DQ win over him that was posted to AEW’s YouTube account. That took place in a different promotion though so it doesn’t count towards their records. As such, Page was quick to ask for one last match between the two to truly settle the score and we’ll be seeing it here tonight on AEW Dynamite.

It’s just one man’s opinion, but to me, these guys finally had the match I’d wanted to see from them all year at Full Gear, the kind of match Page really needed to firmly establish himself as a top guy. We saw what this match-up can be when they have no reason to hold back, nothing to save for later. Let’s hope this is more of the same!

MJF Explains His Actions

The most stunning occurrence in AEW’s short history took place at Full Gear. MJF was Cody’s cornerman going into his title shot against Chris Jericho. He ended up throwing in the towel when he seemed trapped in the Liontamer – in a match where if Cody lost he would never get another title shot. MJF and his mentor then met in the middle of the ring, Cody shocked and upset, MJF bawling… but when Cody forgave him, a hand on his shoulder, MJF finally showed his true colors with a low blow.

This was the betrayal we all expected, teased all year long if you followed on BTE. But it came at the most devastating time with the stip in play. He’s been advertised to explain why he did what he did at Full Gear. Assuming he doesn’t give a quick non-answer and blow us off, this should be a fantastic promo. MJF is regarded by many as perhaps the best, most natural talker of his generation. He hasn’t gotten to show that too much on AEW Dynamite thus far. But this is a hell of an opportunity if ever there was one.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: SCU (c) vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

In the post-show media scrums, Chris Jericho remarked on the newly established rankings, only to dismiss them as himself and Sammy G didn’t make the top 5 in spite of being unbeaten in tag action. (2-0 against admittedly other irregular tandems.) Therefore he made the challenge to SCU himself, wanting to becoming Le Double Champion. SCU accepted, so the match is official.

I don’t know that anyone would expect a title switch here but it’s certainly a fascinating main event nonetheless. I’ve always gotten the impression that they see something in Scorpio Sky in particular as a singles star in the making. So part of me actually thinks he may well become the first man to pin Chris Jericho here, setting up for a title shot of his own in the coming weeks. Who knows? Should be fun either way.

That’s that for this preview of AEW Dynamite, but I’ll be doing a live play-by-play of the show itself soon as always.

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