The WWE Failed Rey Mysterio

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There’s no denying that Vince McMahon and the WWE failed Rey Mysterio. They also failed Brock Lesnar and the fans, but Lesnar has years ahead of him wrestling wise, and we’ll still be here after Mysterio retires. But that’s the thing, Mysterio was little more than a squash match for Lesnar, and that’s wrong. It’s just as wrong as the way Kofi Kingston lost the title to Lesnar in seconds.

Anyway, let’s begin, shall we?

WWE failed Rey Msyterio

As I previously wrote, everything was pointing to Rey Mysterio finding a way to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE heavyweight championship at Survivor Series. The buildup was too good, Mysterio’s legacy too important, and the chance to reward Mysterio for all he’s given to professional wrestling wasted.

Rey Mysterio could’ve still lost and we’d be happy

This is the thing that burns many fans the most. It wasn’t so much about taking the title off of Brock Lesner, it was about having Mysterio put on a great match and push Lesnar. It’s not unheard of going back to Shawn Michaels beating Diesel (Kevin Nash). Both were David vs Goliath moments, and the WWE creative really missed this one.

The fact they had Dominic come out with a towel, then trolled AEW’s Full Gear championship match when MJF threw in the towel, causing Cody Rhodes the match on Twitter (forgetting WWE has done it before), makes one wonder if anyone in WWE creative took this storyline and match seriously.

Instead of a glorious match that could’ve blown the roof off, we were given a virtual squash match. At least, Dominic should be debuting in a few months. Hope Rey can hang on until then.

One last gasp

Rey Mysterio is nearing the end of his career, and while there’s always a chance, the odds of him getting to this level again with so much talent floating around is slim.

Of course, never say never is a wise thing when the outcome is predetermined and shifts on Vince McMahon’s whim.

The problem here is McMahon’s always looking to what tomorrow brings and Mysterio may not fit into those plans anymore.

It’s a shame when you think about it. Mysterio’s spent a lot of time injured lately, whether it’s real or work doesn’t matter. It’s time he’s not able to perform, and it’s fewer chances he’ll get to go out in a blaze of glory.

Disconnected from the fans

This match is another in a long line showing Vince McMahon’s disconnect with fans. It’s not a surprise, since he allegedly micromanages everything and the storylines are reported to be all for his benefit. The fact these claims have been uttered by more than a few people gives them some credibility. In the end, McMahon will do what he wants, and if he enjoys watching Brock Lesnar destroy people wantonly, it’ll continue. He’s the boss and he signs everyone’s paychecks.

The problem with this is, whenever he does hand over the keys to the kingdom, how much restructuring will have to be done? That’s assuming his successor, most likely Triple H, isn’t the same type of micromanager as McMahon.

However it works out in the future, this was a big, neon lighted eff you to the fans after the buildup. We expected and deserved more, but more importantly, so did Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar.

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