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AEW Young Bucks Ties to WWE Rockers


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Everyone has their tethers to the past. It just so happens that the Young Bucks’ ties to the Rockers is very subtle.

Anyone that’s watched the Young Bucks may be reminded of a colorful tag team in the WWE in the late 80s called the Rockers. The Rockers, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels, were one of the first ultra athletic tag teams that ushered in a new era. They were high-fliers, and combined with their teamwork made a fun and successful tag team until they broke up.

While Shawn Michaels went on to be a household name and Hall of Famer, Jannetty faded from the limelight, but continued his career that saw him amass a total of twenty championships over various promotions. But there’s another caveat to his career that’s listed on the Young Bucks’ Wikipedia page. It seems he’s listed as one of their trainers, along with Ron Rivera and Rudos Dojo.

Rockers influence

The Rockers ties to the Young Bucks appears to run deep and not only did Jannetty train them, but from their ring apparel, the way they pose, and how they conduct themselves in the ring is Rockers to the bone.

There’s a simple explanation for the Young Bucks’ ties to the Rockers.

There’s a thing that happens to people when they work together or train with a coach. Many often take on the personality of their coach, whether it’s cool and collected or intense and in your face. In this instance. It doesn’t always matter how long they were together, either. Especially, if the coach is potentially a former idol of theirs.

This isn’t all because of Marty Jannetty as Shawn Michaels can probably be given equal credit. Then when he add in the Hardy Boys, and even the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, we can see a lineage that’s as prestigious as it is long.

All were great teams at one point or another, and it’s easy to point to certain traits that were shared among them due to mutual admiration. But there’s something about Matt and Nick Jackson that is definitely Rockers based. Their flamboyance is more practiced than the Hardy Boys’ youthful exuberance. They rely heavily on their “super kick parties” that were made famous as Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music.

In many ways, they are the Rockers, so is it really so strange the Young Bucks appear so similar to one of the greatest and often forgotten tag teams in history?

As fans, we’re constantly looking for ties between things we love. Sometimes it’s evident, like when they tout those that have helped them throughout their careers. Others often fall through the cracks. It often seems to depend on how big they are, or how big the company feels they’ll be. Will mentioning their past ties help or hurt them? Will fans recognize the names? So many questions, so little answers.

When it comes down to it, it’s sometimes the smallest things that go unnoticed. In this case, the Young Bucks ties to the Rockers are right in front of us and we missed it. Gotta love those Easter eggs, right?

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