DIY def. Moustache Mountain | WWE Worlds Collide 2020 Results

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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to continue the coverage of WWE Worlds Collide 2020! And we roll on with perhaps the match I’ve been looking forward to the most… DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) in a tag team dream match for the ages! Let’s get this one going!!

DIY vs. Moustache Mountain

Johnny and Tyler start us off, lock-up! Gargano with an arm wringer. Bate flips through, but gets hit with a wristlock takedown. Kip-up, monkey flip but Johnny still holding on for this arm wringer. Arm drag, but Gargano rolls through and hits one of his own! Dueling chant here, Bate rolls through the wringer and kips to his feet! Side headlock takedown once more from Johnny. Bate counters a wristlock with an arm drag, lotta chain wrestling to start us off. Johnny with a takedown, spin to a front facelock. Bate rolling but can’t shake him. Hoists him up for a suplex but Gargano keeps steady. Clean break in the ropes.

Gargano with a running rana but Bate flips to his feet, shoulder block, leap frog attempt but Bate catches him out of the air, Gargano escapes to try for a cradle, Bate with a Tyler Driver ’97 attempt, continually countering here, roll-through roundhouse kick ducked, Bate wants a Deadlift German, Gargano rolls through again, they both catch a kick! Agree to slowly set the feet down and the crowd rises in a loud round of applause. Lovely stuff, handshake as well gets a nice reception. Crowd rises for a tease of simultaneous tags.

Seven tags in, as does Ciampa!

Loud chant of “Daddy’s Home”. Ciampa starts the mustache pose but Seven shows him how it’s truly done. So Ciampa flexes instead. Seven starts to do it back, but just goes for a handshake instead. Ciampa with a shoulder tackle. Ciampa ducks a shot but Seven was baiting for his DDT, Ciampa escapes it though, Seven rolls him up for a quick 2 count. Seven tags to Bate, who is totally ready to flex! Hogan pose! Big Strong Boy chant as CIampa’s doing the same. Teases a test of strength but puts the hand up too high. Bate wins out, but Ciampa is able to reverse. Big Strong Boy chant continues nonetheless. Bate rolls through, Ciampa flips him over his head but Bate turns this into a monkey flip, double bridge!

Bate and Ciampa stand, trade signature wave taunts. Leapfrogs, Bop and Bang gets countered by a right hand! Ciampa knocks Seven off the floor, knee strike takes Bate to the floor, Gargano with a superkick to Seven! Ciampa throws Bate over the announce table! And Gargano does the same to Seven! DIY both on the apron for the self-applause! Awesome stuff, loud chant of DIY! Ciampa takes Bate into the ring, stomps to the arm. Ciampa throws Bate headfirst into the feet of Gargano who tags in, more flexing. Snapmare, basement dropkick to the head! Hoists him up, tag to Ciampa. Chop to the chest of Bate! Side Headlock in now. Bate fights to his feet, reaching for the tag but Ciampa won’t let him.

Bate escapes with a back suplex, tag to Seven! House of fire with wicked chops!

Gargano in, ducks a shot but eats the DDT! Running smack to Ciampa, and one to Johnny. Ciampa charges but eats a saito suplex! Facewash to Gargano! Powerbomb to Ciampa for a nearfall! Cartwheel Lariato for a nearfall! Loud dueling chant for both teams now! Seven Star Lariat countered with a Rising Knee from Ciampa! Simultaneous tags, Gargano with a flying kick to Bate as he rushes in! DDT to Bate AND a Facebuster on Seven at the same time! Johnny Wrestling chant as Gargano lays in to Bate with chops in the corner! Bate back drops him to the apron, hits the ropes – Slingshot Spear runs right through him! Nearfall!!

Johnny hits the ropes, Seven grabs the ankle but Ciampa with a baseball slide takes him out! Gargano with a suicide dive to Bate!! Ciampa with a Draping DDT to Seven, Slingshot DDT from Gargano to Bate for a nearfall! Double Kick to Bate, Gargano with a running senton off the apron to Seven but he almost entirely misses! Bate kicks Ciampa away, off the top with a rolling elbow but Ciampa catches him in mid air with a knee! Rebound Lariat from Bate!!! TYLER DRIVER ’97!!! Ciampa kicks out! Seven smacks him away, Gargano with a superkick to Seven, thrust kick to Bate and Ciampa cradles him for a nearfall!! Jesus! NXT chant! Into a loud dueling chant for both teams, Bate slips out of the lawn dart, roll-up for 2, Gargano charges but Bate catches him!

Huge Exploder, kip-up! Running Shooting Star but Gargano with the knees up nails him in the face! Rolling Liger Kick from Bate! Rebound Laeriat ducked, Gargano wants the Gargano Escape but Bate turns it into an Airplane Spin – GARGANO REVERSES INTO THE GARGANO ESCAPE! Ciampa takes Seven down into a Fujiwara Armbar!!! Seven and Bate fight their way up though!!! DOUBLE AIRPLANE SPINS! Ciampa slumps out of the ring, Moustache Mountain with a double team for a nearfall!

Seven tags in… hooks Gargano, Bate with a Rebound Lariat but he hits Seven by accident!

Ciampa with a high knee! DIY on opposite sides of the ring now! Setting up for the double superkick but Seven comes in to cover for Bate! They charge anyway – BOP AND BANG IN BOTH DIRECTIONS! Seven and Bate with a Flying Knee Drop/Burning Hammer Double Team! CIAMPA KICKS OUT!!! Enormous NXT chant! Double Burning Hammer to Ciampa now!! Bate up top, Seven holds Ciampa – Corkscrew Splash but Ciampa pulls Seven on top of him to absorb the contact! Covers, Bate just baaaarely breaks it up! Loud This Is Awesome! Both teams fighting to their feet from across the ring now!

They charge and exchange shots! Seven wants a rolling elbow but he’s thrown into Bate! Snap German to Ciampa but an axe kick and driving knee takes him out! Bate comes off the top rope but eats a Double Superkick! And now Seven is prone in the middle! Meeting In The Middle! Ciampa covers – and that is that!

Winner: DIY

Absolutely radical. Dream match for damn good reason. Afterwards, handshakes from both teams, standing O for the efforts.

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