Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton Ends In DQ | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (1/20/2020)

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Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

Lock-up! Taken to the corner, reversing back and forth. Drew with a clean break. Drew invites Orton out of the corner. Lock up once more, Orton gets him into a side headlock. Drew McIntyre reverses. Randy shoots him off, Drew with a shoulder block! Orton bails. Randy makes his way into the ring! Lock-up, Drew gets him into another side headlock. “Randy” chant. Shoots him off, shoulder block of his own! Drew double legs him into the corner though, pummels him, vicious knife edge chop! Whip to the opposite corner, Orton explodes out with a clothesline! Another one takes him to the floor! Back suplex onto the barricade! And then a second one!!! Favoring his chest from the chop.

Orton wants a third back suplex onto the barrier but McIntyre escapes, posts him! Rushes in for a Claymore, Orton rolls out of the way, Drew takes out a stagehand! Commercial break. McIntyre up top as we come back, waiting for Orton to stand! Comes off the top but Orton with a dropkick out of the air! Exchange of shots ensues now, both teeing off. Slugging intensifies! European uppercut gets answered with some truly mean chops! Orton stops him with a poke to the eyes! Drew with a big boot! But Orton bounces right back, throws him through the ropes, Draping DDT! And now he’s going a-stalking…

RKO – but Drew throws him away, nails him with the Glasgow Kiss!

Drew wants Randy to rise now! Charges him, slams him against the corner and rebounds off for an Overhead Belly To Belly! Vertical Suplex, kip up from the big boy! Back in the corner, turns to the crowd! Mixed reaction, more boos than cheers tonight. Three, two, one.. charges right into the Snap Powerslam for a nearfall! Randy Orton takes Drew McIntyre to the top rope. Shot to the head. Randy going up top, wants a superplex. High angle superplex nailed! Orton can’t cover though, rolls from the ring and falls to the floor. But now in comes the OC, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows enter the ring to attack Drew McIntyre!

Winner: Drew McIntyre (by DQ)

There’s no bell nor would I expect one at this point. Ref gets taken out as the OC continues to stomp Drew into oblivion. But into the ring goes Orton with a steel chair and unlikely though it is, he ends up making the save for McIntyre, driving off the OC! They bail and Orton and Drew stand off tensely. Drew is still ready to fight even as Orton stands with the chair. Randy tosses it aside.

Afterwards McIntyre gets a mic but he doesn’t think it works. He says he should’ve Claymored Orton. Says that one was on him. But this Sunday he prays that the two of them are in the Rumble together. He promises to kick Orton’s head off his shoulders and win the Rumble and finally after all this time, he’s going to main event WrestleMania!

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