Finn Balor vs. Ilja Dragunov | WWE Worlds Collide 2020 Preview

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WWE Worlds Collide 2020 is coming at us here tonight! A very special match here pits Finn Balor against Ilja Dragunov! This past November, NXT and NXT UK teamed together to take down Raw and SmackDown at Survivor Series. But now, the two of them battle it out amongst themselves here in this unique crossbrand event! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, here to give this event the same coverage I afford all the big shows! You don’t want to miss this one. We’ve got a ton of exciting action lined up, interbrand matches that you’ll never see anywhere else! And there’s still plenty left to talk about here, so let’s get to the preview!

Finn Balor vs. Ilja Dragunov

Even though Finn’s never officially been part of the NXT UK brand, he does have a history here. On the first-ever NXT UK TakeOver show, at ye olde Blackpool I, he took on Jordan Devlin in a surprise appearance, one of the most electric moments on the show. It was an awesome match and something of a homecoming for the Irishman. So perhaps it should be no surprise that when NXT and NXT UK got together for this supercard, Finn Balor’s match was among the first two to be announced.

Ilja Dragunov is a young up and comer with a very unique way about him. The red-eyed menace is a fiery, energetic sort with what appears to be the spirit of a real dragon living inside him. He made this challenge himself, wanting to prove himself against one of the biggest possible names going. But he’ll need all the fire breathing he can muster, going against the first-ever WWE Universal Champion and longest reigning NXT Champion of all time at that.

Ilja has always been viewed as a special part of the NXT UK brand.

It was pretty clear even by his vignettes that the higher ups saw something big in him, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s just different from everyone else, which is always a good thing. Ilja’s almost immensely gifted in his own right. This should be an excellent match, like pretty much the whole rest of the card. But I will say that it’s about as obvious a result on paper as you can get. I just can’t possibly imagine an upset here. Finn Balor over.

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