Kay Lee Ray def. Mia Yim | WWE Worlds Collide 2020

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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to kick us off at… well, the kickoff show! Worlds Collide 2020 here, NXT vs. NXT UK! Pre-show match starting out now! NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray coming in here for this non-title bout.

NXT’s Mia Yim vs. NXT UK’s Kay Lee Ray

Mia with an immediate dropkick takes her right to the corner, dang! Stomping her, cannonball senton! Immediate nearfall! Kay Lee kicks her away, big slap. Mia not happy about that one. Delivers some shots, catches a kick and trips her up. Axe Kick to the back of the head doesn’t really connect at all. Headscissor Rana. Chop in the ropes, Kay Lee blocks a whip and delivers a big forearm. Whip, Mia whirls around her, takes the legs out, basement dropkick for a nearfall! KLR kicks off the ropes for a Tornado DDT! Nearfall! Dueling chant going on here, expect a lot of those tonight. Reverse Suplex, nearfall!

Cravate locked in for a bit. Stands on her hair and pulls on the arms. Takes her in the corner, LOUD chop to the chest! Crowd loves it! Yim responds with hard shots back, KLR stops this with a whip, superkick for a nearfall! Kay Lee going up top now. Senton, but Mia rolls out of the way and she crashes and burns! Duel starts again, Mia with a series of thrust kicks, Running Neckbreaker! Kay Lee with a back body drop takes her to the apron, WWE Headkick, Springing Tornado DDT for a nearfall! Mia with a combination of jabs, Kay Lee stops her, wants a Piledriver but Yim back body drops her to the floor! Suicide Dive! Throws her into the ring, tries to pursue but a superkick takes her to the floor!

Kay Lee leaps to the top rope for a Senton Bomb to the floor! Dayam!

NXT chant! Exchange of shots in the middle of the ring! Slapping the hell out of each other! Kay Lee tries a Gory Bomb, MIA COUNTERS WITH A CODE BLUE! NEARFALL! Mia trying for Protect Ya Neck but Kay Lee counters with one of her own! KLR wants a hurricarana, but Mia blocks… counters into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Kay lee clips the legs, wants to hit the Destroyer but Mia turns the tables, nails one of her own for a nearfall! Mia rolls her up, Kay Lee reverses – grabs the middle rope to steal the win!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Awesome stuff! I expected that to be good but that was way above expectations, these two wanted to prove they should not be on the pre-show! Strong stuff.

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