Randy Orton Lays Out Edge | WWE Raw Results


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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer to continue the live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw. Edge will be appearing live, where Randy Orton confronts him but first, Erick Rowan kills a dude.

Erick Rowan vs. Brandon Vice

This poor guy doesn’t even get a chance to mess with the cage. He eats a running dropkick that flings him onto the bottom rope. Takes him outside to pummel him, deadlifts him onto the apron and back into the ring. Obliterates him, cover but he pulls him up. Iron Claw Slam for the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Edge makes his way out, he is back on WWE Monday Night Raw! Full works on his entrance. Let it be known that he was never gonna come back unless they brought back pyro in time for it. Gets into the ring and there’s a thunderous “Welcome Back” chant. Tries to speak, but the pop overrides him. Clearly tearing up already. Says that as a performer, as an athlete, as an artist – and wrestlers are all of those things – the reaction that he got at the Royal Rumble, the reaction he just got, you have no idea what it means to him.

He says it’s why we do this, so thank you. You Still Got it chant and he says you’re damn right he does! Wants to address the elephant in the room: how is he standing here? Nine years ago, he was medically disqualified from ever doing this again. But he refused to live in a world of what-ifs? The second he asked what-if, he got to work making that what-if disappear. Over the years, he started to feel pretty good and he asked himself… what if? What if he came back home? Big pop!

“Welcome Home” chant. Edge says he got to work, got a second neck surgery and he busted his ass. He got into the best shape of his life at 46 years old so he could step back in here and his career on his terms! So he found himself in the Royal Rumble. Saw some familiar faces, saw some new faces. Mentions Orton to a pop. Roman Reigns to a mixed reaction. AJ Styles to an ovation, Rollins to boos. Owens, Aleister, Riddle, list goes on. Says he hopefully sees them all down the road.

He’s not fooling himself, he knows this might not last that long.

But he hopes that everyone joins him on this ride. “Yes!” chant! Edge says that’s his first yes chant, has to thank Bryan for it, it’s pretty cool. He knows he’s a little older. Notes the gray in his chin. Crows feet, but it’s the roadmap that got him here. He has one thing you can’t fabricate, can’t fake, can’t force down someone’s throat, can’t know they have until you look them dead in the eye. He has grit. If you knock him down, he gets back up.

Randy Orton emerges! Makes his way out… hugs his old friend to an ovation. Asks for a microphone. He says it’s no secret that he has something of a self-destructive personality, more so when he was younger but years ago when he dug a hole too deep to get himself out of, there was one guy who would grab his hand and pull him out of that hold and it was Edge. Applause and again he’s looking emotional. Welcomes him home, says he’s a brother to him, family to him. Last night, feeling that energy, that music, that chemistry, that was special. Out here talking about what ifs. Well he has a what if for him. Doesn’t know how he’ll feel about this, but what if Rated RKO got back together one more time?

Enormous ovation! “Yes” chant is deafening! But suddenly, Orton drops him with an RKO! Randy Orton throws a chair into the ring! Smacks him across the back with it! He takes his time, wrapping the chair around the prone Edge’s head! His hands are twitching already, people are screaming in horror as he goes up top! He is milking this masterfully, shots of people praying in the crowd as he contemplates it… eventually he steps off the ropes. Takes the chair away and throws it out of the ring. But then, he grabs two chairs instead!!! Puts Edge’s head on one chair and picks up the other, this is an old classic… ONE MAN CONCHAIRTO! And that’s what we’re left with as Raw goes off the air!

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