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Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre | WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (1/20/2020)


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Here on the day of January 20th, 2020 we have another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw to look forward to! Drew McIntyre will be taking on Randy Orton here tonight, a major Royal Rumble preview of sorts! My name is Jordan Huie, you are here at the Overtimer where as always, you’ll be able to find a live recap and results from the show as they come! We’ve certainly got more advertised for tonight than is the norm for Raw. And that is always a plus in my book! So let’s not waste any time delving into the previews!

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

After what can only be called a wholly disappointing 2019, Drew McIntyre has started off the new year with a ton of buzz to his name once more. He has undergone one of the most subtle face turns I’ve ever seen. While he’s still callous this is used to show him as an incredible asskicker. And one that plays to the crowd very nicely at that! The role suits him, he’s become quite fun to watch. And naturally his presentation is now very strong. He is far removed from the guy who was going 50/50 with Cedric Alexander last summer.

He’s back to big matches now and this one has actually been brewing for a while. Orton and McIntyre teased a feud back in November that never really came to fruition. But we’re getting around to it now. Last week, Orton and rival AJ Styles were to face off in a singles match. But Drew McIntyre got himself involved. Seeing a chance to make a name for himself and stake his claim as a favorite to win the Royal Rumble, he managed to make it a three way.

He followed that up by up and winning the thing, perhaps his biggest victory since joining Raw.

Of course, that win does have a slight caveat. It occurred partly because AJ and Orton were so focused on each other that they took their eye off Drew. Needless to say, he made them pay for it. While there’s nothing that says AJ won’t get involved here, in theory this week it’s a one on one bout with the Viper. Orton’s looking to get his win back and put his own name in the hat for potential Rumble winners – he has done it before, after all!

But given that Drew’s on such a roll and AJ is very likely to screw Orton over, I’m gonna say Drew McIntyre picks up another big victory. He’s finally starting to look like the star he’s clearly meant to be.

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