Rumor Mill: Killer Kross to Debut at WrestleMania 36


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Fewer free agents have garnered the attention Killer Kross has over the last month or so. Rumors flew among wrestling fans about there he’d go — WWE or AEW — since his release from Impact in December 2019. It appears that after plenty of hype, reports say we can expect Killer Kross to debut at WrestleMania 36.

This is only a rumor at this point, but it’s a reasonable assumption given the ends the WWE has gone to convince him to sign with them.

Pulling out all the stops

While AEW isn’t really in a position to be a legitimate threat to the WWE yet, Vince McMahon has sought to do everything from putting NXT across from Dynamite to demanding loyalty from those like DDP that worked with both promotions. It makes sense that he’d go all out for a wrestler of Killer Kross’ caliber.

The first step, if we want to look at the whole situation as McMahon working to sign him, was the WWE signing his girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux, and placing in the Performance Center to continue her training.

Another step is a rumor, but entirely plausible. This one involves Killer Kross being offered a great deal, including being allowed to bypass the Performance Center and NXT and appear on the main roster for either. This is a drastic step given McMahon’s belief in “properly” training new signees and making them earn their stripes.

The final, and possibly most influential, Triple H reportedly met with Killer Kross to discuss the various benefits and other topics if the wrestler signed with the WWE.

Why wait until WrestleMania?

While WWE has succeeded in righting the ship to a degree, they need to make a big splash to give fans something unexpected and to increase our expectation. To that end, some had noted that it’d be perfect to have Killer Kross be a mystery entrant in the Royal Rumble Match on this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

It’s doubtful that’ll happen as the pay-per-view is only a few days away and Killer Kross has a scheduled match February 1 for MLW (Major League Wrestling) where he’ll face MLW’s World Champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, at MLW: Fightland.

Most likely, McMahon would want a wrestler of Kross’ caliber to be signed to an exclusive contract. Also, it’s been reported that other promotions have been unable to sign Kross to events during WrestleMania week.

As it stands, it looks more and more likely we can expect Killer Kross to debut at WrestleMania 36 after signing with the WWE (Sorry AEW fans).

If this is how it’ll work out, it leaves the question of who will he face? It’s going to be fun speculating that as we get closer to WrestleMania if he doesn’t make a surprise appearance at Royal Rumble.

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