Team Hell No Repel The Fiend | WWE SmackDown Results


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Friday Night SmackDown just began folks, with Kane opening the show – a segment that concluded with a minor reunion of Team Hell No! My name is Jordan Huie, you are here at the Overtimer and this begins my coverage of the show tonight! I’ll be here with you from start to finish, to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come!

When Kane’s special appearance was announced ahead of tonight’s show, there was little definitive to go off of, but a fair bit worth speculating about. I put forth two ideas, that he could announcing himself as a special entrant in the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match. I also mentioned that, given the Fiend’s ongoing feud with Bryan and Kane’s history with his Team Hell No partner, it’d make sense for the Fiend to attack him and put a bit more steam on their rivalry. Turns out, we had both!

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this segment below:

Firefly Funhouse tune hits and Bray’s on the screen! Bray informs us that winning the Rumble isn’t a good idea… especially if they’re foolish enough to challenge for the Universal title! Bray points out Kane’s picture in the background and since it’s there, that means him and the Fiend got it on! But he’ll never forget you, Kane… flashes of the Wyatts attacking Kane in their debut.

In the arena, the lights fall! As they come up in red, Kane’s left the ring… Fiend pops out from under the mat! Crawls along and stares him down as Kane slowly turns around. Calmly asks “What took you so long?” Fiend turns around to a Buisaku Knee from Daniel Bryan! Bryan pummels Fiend back into the hole he crawled out of! Fiend escapes but Bryan grabs some of his hair on the way out! Chant of “Yes”!

Team Hell No had themselves a minor reunion, running off Bray! And it seems Kane will have himself a guest spot as well. Incidentally shortly afterwards, Daniel Bryan challenged the Fiend to make his Universal title match at the Rumble into a strap match.

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