AEW News: Dustin Rhodes Has Been Helping Young Talent Adjust To TV

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AEW News: Dustin Rhodes Has Been Helping Young Talent Adjust To TV

While the AEW roster has a few veterans who know all the ins and outs of the wrestling business, they have a lot of young talent. People like Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevera, Darby Allin, and more had next to no experience wrestling for a televised product. The world they know in wrestling involves playing to the live crowd, which remains important but TV takes precedent for shows like AEW Dynamite. While it can be hard to retrain yourself, they thankfully have people like Dustin Rhodes to help them out.

The Million People At Home Want To See You

A 32 year veteran of wrestling, few know the wrestling business like the son of Dusty Rhodes. While his last few years in WWE were rough, he showed a reignite passion for the business when he joined his brother in AEW. One thing that seems to be driving this is getting to help the younger people on the shows. While speaking with The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast, Dustin Rhodes spoke on helping with the transition to TV.

“A lot of them do not know and I think they are handling it pretty good. There are still some things every single week that I see that I go up to them and I tell them,” Dustin began. “A lot of times, not all of them but every once in a while, somebody will turn around and face the audience and I’m like okay stop. The next time you do that, don’t do that and turn around because I need you to find your cameras on this side of the arena over here. The million people at home want to see you not four, five, or 6,000 in the arena, I want the people at home and your camera is here and your camera is here.

That’s a transition for them to learn because they are coming from the indies and they never had that. Guys like Chris Jericho, myself, Moxley, Cody are teaching that, and it is very important for them to learn. We’ve got three months in now and they are doing good and they are starting to be cognizant of where those cameras are and lifting their heads up because they know the camera is right there to make them look good and the people at home get to see them. If you are looking the other way, they just see your ass and they want to see you.”

What Has Dustin Rhodes Been Up To On Screen?

While behind the scenes he serves as mentor to talent, on screen he has be feuding with The Inner Circle. Back in 2019, we saw Jake Hagar break the arm of Dustin Rhodes in the build to Cody vs. Jericho. He has not forgotten this, and is looking for revenge. He defeated Sammy Guevera this past Wednesday on Dynamite, and the called out Hagar for a match at Revolution. Should this match happen, it will be the first match for Hagar in AEW, who has currently only been an enforcer for The Inner Circle.

Do you think that playing to the cameras should take precedent over the live audience at a show? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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