Dakota Kai def. Candice LeRae | WWE NXT Results


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Dakota Kai def. Candice LeRae | WWE NXT Results

Last week on NXT, we saw Dakota Kai take a loss to her friend turned bitter rival, Tegan Nox. Candice LeRae would get involved in that matchup, preventing Kai from using a steel chair to attack Nox. This ordeal would distract the referee, meaning Nox had a chance to take a shortcut to revenge with a kneebrace to the face of Kai.

Because of her interference, Candice would find herself in the crosshairs of Kai, leading to a clash between the two on this weeks episode of NXT. This comes just ahead of the street fight between Nox & Kai at Takeover Portland, making this a must win match for the confidence of Kai going into that battle.

Dakota Kai defeats Candice LeRae

The NXT Women’s division is highly regarded as one of the best in the world today. This is because anyone who has the spotlight is a top performer, and that includes both LeRae & Kai. They would deliver a fantastic and fast paced matchup. Kai immediately rushed in with her signature kicks, but Candice would rally back using her agility. It would be a back and forth matchup, until Kai would counter the Gargano Escape into a pinfall to steal the victory.

Tegan Nox Makes The Save

After defeating Candice, Dakota Kai would not be finished. They would brawl on the outside and end up by the time keeper section. Kai would smash the face of LeRae into the bell to take the advantage. Trying to ensure Candice wouldn’t be an issue going forward, she would grab the ring bell with evil intentions in mind. It would be Tegan Nox making the save this time around, with her preventing Kai from dealing longterm damage to her new frien and ally.

They would brawl up the ramp, as security guards would flood the arena to separate them as fans would chant to let them fight. This feud has captured the hearts of NXT fans, and might steal the show come this Sunday at NXT Takeover Portland. It will be a brutal affair, the likes of which we have not seen in the division to this point.

Who do you think will come out victorious in the Street Fight? Tegan Nox or Dakota Kai? Let us know who you have in the comment section down below.

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