Orange Cassidy To Face Minoru Suzuki Over Wrestlemania Weekend

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Orange Cassidy To Face Minoru Suzuki Over Wrestlemania Weekend

No, you didn’t read that incorrect. Joey Janela promised a huge match announcement for his upcoming show in Game Changer Wrestling, Joey Janelas Spring Break, during the halftime of the super bowl.  These shows have been home to many incredibly odd matches, with this just being the latest. Joey Janela has previously booked matches like PCO vs. Walter, Nick Gage vs. Pentagon Jr., Nick Gage vs. David Arquette, and of course Invisble Stan vs. Invisble Man. The Orange Cassidy vs. Minoru Suzuki match was confirmed via Twitter, and wrestling fans everywhere knew they had to see this show.

The event takes place on April 3rd, 2020. Also set to appear are Will Ospreay, The Great Muta, and lord knows who else. It is certain to be the most insane show you will see that whole weekend.

Orange Cassidy vs. Minoru Suzuki

You can’t find two more different competitors. Orange Cassidy is one of the worlds most unique talents, being a fantastic wrestler who simply doesn’t care enough to compete. Minoru Suzuki is one of the grandfathers of mixed martial arts, and one of the most vicious heels in all of wrestling. They are coming from completely opposite ends of the spectrum, which is what makes this match just so interesting.

Will we see a murder in the ring, as Suzuki ruthlessly slaps the life out of Cassidy who refuses to take his hands from his pockets? Will Cassidy go against perception and show that he is quietly one the best technical wrestlers around? No one knows. That is what makes this encounter possibly the most interesting of all shows that will occur on Wrestlemania weekend.

There Is More Than Meets The Eye With Suzuki

It should be noted that Minoru Suzuki isn’t always the man we see in NJPW. He has wrestled comedy matches in an empty tokyo dome, fought Kaiju, and more. He is a very well rounded performer in this regard.  A great example of this is his ongoing feud with Toru Yano, who Suzuki can’t seem to figure out in a tournament setting. Orange Cassidy might find time to review this footage, but that is also a lot of effort.

Who do you think will be left standing at the end of this once in a lifetime encounter? Let us know what you think the comments down below.

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