Roderick Strong def. Bronson Reed | WWE NXT Results


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Roderick Strong def. Bronson Reed | WWE NXT Results

Last week on NXT, we saw The Undisputed Era ambushed by a returning Velveteen Dream. He especially focused on Roderick Strong, the man who took his NXT North American Championship first, then put him on the shelf to send a message. Dream would wear tights adorned with the faces of Roderick Strongs wife and son, making things very personal. He would also share pictures of Strongs wife on his social media platforms, adding even more fuel to the fire.

Strong also made an enemy in Bronson Reed, after mocking him and having Undisputed Era ambush him backstage last week. Reed would interrupt a promo from Strong, and challenge to an impromptu matchup. With Dream on his mind, he would have to face the master of Australian Strong Style.

Roderick Strong Defeats Bronson Reed

Considering Bronson Reed has only shown up on NXT TV a few times since his debut as part of the NXT Breakout Tournament, few believed he would be able actually beat the former NXT North American Champion. He is an experienced wrestler in his own right, but the Austrailan brute would be completely outmatched.

It was a short but hard hitting affair, with Reed getting plenty of offense in on Strong, but the gap in experience was obvious and Roderick Strong would pick up a fairly easy victory. While he was outmatched in power, Strong is a crafty veteran with unmatched technique. This was despite mind games being played by his rival throughout.

Velveteen Dream Makes His Presence Known

During the match, Velveteen Dream would make his presence known once more. Velveteen Dream’s mood lighting started midway through the match, distracting Strong which allowed Reed to gain an advantage. After the match, Dream would appear on the titantron, cutting a promo on Strong. A furious Strong ran to the back to find Dream, but he will have to wait to get his hands on him.

They are now set to face off on next weeks episode of NXT, which should be a match that no one will want to miss. Their first few matches were fantastic, and it will show everyone why Velveteen Dream was missed as part of NXT.

Are you excited to see Velveteen Dream get his hands on Roderick Strong next week? Let us know in the comments down below.

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