Tetsuya Naito def. KENTA | NJPW New Beginning In Osaka | New Japan Pro Wrestling


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Tetsuya Naito def. KENTA | NJPW New Beginning In Osaka | New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Beginning In Osaka coverage finishes up here! We’ve got the main event alone left now, as Tetsuya Naito defends his two world titles against the man who ruined his Tokyo Dome moment, Kenta! Before the bell, all of the Bullet Club seems to wanna jump into the ring and the crowd jeers as they wanna do their pose. The Two Sweets meet in the middle as the audience gives them flak. They knock the ref down as he tries to get them to leave! Taking their time getting this thing started.

IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championships: Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. KENTA

Bell finally rings and they circle the mat. Naito wants a lock-up and Kenta bails, loud boos. Kenta pretends to re-enter the ring but goes back out and mocks the crowd, they are all over him. Kenta sloooowwwly enters the ring and they circle again. Aaaand he bails once more. As he slips back in, Naito finally locks up with him, he breaks in the ropes and yet again rolls out. He might be getting paid by the hour tonight. Naito knocks Kenta off the apron, hits the ropes, rolls to the mat for the Tranquilo! Kenta rushes the ring, but Naito avoids him and rolls to the outside to mock him, standing ovation!

Kenta dares him to get back into the ring. Holds the ropes open for him, but Naito just slips under the bottom rope instead and Kenta stomps him. Exchange of shots, Kenta with a rake of the eyes, Naito with a boot up, Hurricarana takes him to the outside! Throws him into the barrier! Pulls him into the ring where he pummels with elbows. Cravate locked in, Kenta barrels him into the corner and nails some shoulder thrusts. Naito reverses, back elbows, grinds his boot into his face in the corner. Spits on him! Kenta escapes, gets him onto the second rope, wicked kicks to the chest, second rope dropkick takes him to the mat!

Charging big boot, Naito bails. Kenta pursues, clobbers him around ringside. Power whip to the barrier, Naito just destroying his ribs on that one! Kenta pulls a Naito bear from someone in the audience! He puts it on the floor and steps on it to jeers! Throws Naito into another barrier and he bounces off the impact! And then another! Naito rolls in at 17 to break the count but Kenta deposits him. Naito back in, only to get tossed again! And into the barrier once more. Pulls him out onto the rampway, DDT! Poses for big heat! Kenta tries for the countout, starts to pull the ring pad off the buckle but the referee stops him. Seems that stopped the count.

As the ref deals with that pad, Kenta pulls off another opposite one.

Naito rolls into the ring, Kenta power whips him right into the steel! Snapmare, kick to the back. Jumping stomp, mocks Naito’s eye pose. Headlock cinched. Naito fights his way up, elbows his way out of it. Hits the ropes, ducks a shot, but eats the Kitchen Sink knee! Naito with a clothesline, Kenta ducks it, DDT for a nearfall! Whips him to the ropes, big clothesline! Mock kicks mixed with actual kicks to the chest! Naito starts no selling the roundhouse kicks though as he stands, exchange of high kicks ends with a running dropkick from Naito! Takes Kenta to the corner, trip, Springing Dropkick! Pulls him up, neckbreaker for a 2 count!

Tetsuya Naito locks Kenta’s arms with a scissors until he makes it to the ropes. Charges in the corner, Kenta gets the boots up. And again! Hooks him, Tornado DDT Hotshot! Off the top with a flying clothesline for a nearfall! Naito to the apron, Kenta tries to pull him back in but he fights it, catches a kick, legsweep takes Kenta to the mat! Naito pulls Kenta to the apron, neckbreaker lands hard! Kenta takes him onto the barrier for an Elevated DDT! Naito rolls into the ring at 17, Kenta with a charging dropkick, sets up the Hesitation Dropkick! Going up top now, diving double footstomp evaded, Naito with a Main Event Spinebuster!

Naito and Kenta exchange elbows! Hard shots from Naito as he wins out! Kenta uses the ref as a meat shield on a charge and from there he locked in the Crossface! Naito struggles and eventually makes his way to the bottom rope for the break! Kenta with a wicked punt kick to the chest! Running Knee to the back of the head, German Suplex, leg lariat for a nearfall! Naito counters a clutch with a Springing Tornado DDT!

Both are worn out, fighting to their feet.

Naito charges, Kenta with the boots up but they’re caught, Naito with a backbreaker, takes him up top, Super Rana! Saving Grace for a nearfall! Naito hoists him onto his shoulders but KENTA escapes, drives him into the corner and throws him very purposefully into the official! Jay White comes down, lays Naito out with a Snap Dragon! Setting up for the Blade Runner now, BUSHI rushes in to make the save! Tries to spit his mist but Jay dodges this, Blade Runner nailed! Big pop as out comes Hiromu Takahashi! Superkick! He tosses Jay out of the ring and takes him a side headlock, just runs out of the arena with him!

Tetsuya Naito ducks a clothesline, enziguri, flying clothesline nailed! Wants Destino, Kenta escapes, Discus Lariat for a nearfall! Kenta hoists him onto his shoulders… Naito with a sudden Destino counter! Naito wants a suplex but Kenta escapes, throws him into the exposed turnbuckles, roll up for a veeeeeery close nearfall! Naito just got busted open off the steel buckle! That is a ton of blood out of nowhere! Kenta slapping the crap out of the exposed wound now! Buisaku Knee!! Very close nearfall! Kenta pulls him up… Naito with a sudden Poison Rana! Emerald Flowsion for a nearfall! Naito pulls Kenta up, Destino! And that is that.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

A great win for a very bloody Naito, I’m glad that atleast happened so deep into the match that he didn’t have to work like that for too long. They are both depleted after that one, Kenta actually getting up first atleast for a moment. Eventually Naito is able to stand above a collapsed KENTA and asks for his hat. Let’s us all know that Kenta is not tranquilo! Afterwards, Naito and Hiromu pose together – they will be facing off in the annual Junior vs. Heavyweight match at the New Japan Anniversary show!

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