Impact Wrestling News: Suicide Returns Once Again

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One of the most interesting characters in TNA history has come back once again as part of Impact Wrestling. Suicide would emerge to take down Moose, who claimed he wanted a piece of the old TNA. There was a planned show where the the past would face the future, and while that was cancelled the recorded footage is still being used as that show can be done anytime. With that, Suicide is back with a new look but the same daredevil style. Who is under the mask this time?

The Origins Of Suicide

To co-inside with the TNA Impact video game, the character of Suicide was brought to TV. Players in the game would be create their own character for the story mode, who would first be depicted as a masked luchador who would be beaten down to remove him from the picture. The character was played by many people over the year, from Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, to TJP & Austin Aries. TJP would rename the character to Manik, which has since split off into it’s own character. At this point, it is expected that NWA talent Caleb Konley is under the mask, as he was the last to do the Suicide gimmick.

The weirdness of the gimmick and the quality of the workers behind it have made it a cult favorite.

Will He Stick Around?

With the original intent for the Suicide return being for the planned TNA reunion show, we could see this scrapped in the coming weeks. However Impact Wrestling, despite having a fantastic product, needs ways to bring fans back in. Many of their alumni are signed to WWE & AEW, but a character like Suicide is one that can always be repackaged. There is the potential of a Manik vs. Suicide match in the works, due to TJP being signed to Impact as well; and that alone would make it a worthwhile gimmick to keep.

We will likely see a match with Suicide & Moose in the coming weeks, with Moose wanting a taste of the TNA of old. It should be one to keep an eye on, especially if more names from the past are going to show up to challenge Moose. Are you excited to see the Suicide gimmick back? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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